With new crypto coins being launched on a daily basis, it becomes rather difficult for investors to make the right choices. Crypto enthusiasts are mainly looking for projects that offer solutions to the fundamental pain points in the crypto space, and at the same time, empower the overall industry as these projects can only sustain in the long term.

Many meme coins promise multifold growth value but fail to maintain or achieve that growth, the main reason being the lack of purpose and community support. Many hope to replicate the overnight success of meme tokens, but the truth is very much different.

100xCoin is gaining popularity and interest because of its vision to bring crypto investments to the masses.

100xCoin  – To The Moon And Beyond

In the brief time of just three weeks from its launch, 100xCoin has witnessed three moonings. What’s more, is that it has sustained the growth. In just two days from its launch, the 100xCoin doubled its value. In just a week from its launch, 100xCoin saw its peak, gaining about 600% from its initial value. 100xCoin is reasonably a new crypto coin but has shown significant growth and sustainability.

In the first week, 100xCoin had 10k plus holders, and the week after, the number skyrocketed to 30k holders. Now with over 50k plus holders and a strong community, the value of 100xCoin is only going to rocket up. The 100xCoin teams hope to reach the $7 billion market cap goal even sooner as more investors see it as the safe and best investment bet that can offer a significant Return On Investment – and as the 100xCoin team would say, ‘this is just the beginning’.

Why 100xCoin?

The reason more investors are showing interest in 100xCoin is due to its transparency, a factor that’s often prevalent in the case of other inspiring meme coins. Founders of many tokens choose to remain anonymous, whereas 100xCoin offers complete transparency of its team, plans, and the roadmap ahead. It brings a sense of trust as investors are familiar with the face behind the coin.

How to buy 100xCoin? Well, mainly on PancakeSwap, but it’s also listed on popular exchanges like ProBit and BKEX, with purchases enabled via TrustWallet as well. Apart from that, you can track the tokens’ progress on popular websites like – CoinMarketCap, Coinbase, and CoinGecko.

Ken Llamas – The Crypto Wiz

Ken Llamas is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a crypto influencer, and the founder of 100xCoin. Ken, otherwise known as Ken the Crypto, is knee-deep in the crypto industry and everything that offers financial freedom. Over the past few years, Ken’s unconventional investment strategies have helped him generate over 6-figures in profit trading cryptocurrencies.

Having done it himself, Ken believes he can drive other investors to similar success in the crypto space. Ken offers regular investment advice to investors on his YouTube channel. He helps investors understand the crypto space and smartly invest in new crypto coins to achieve a 10x trajectory quickly.

From the hundreds of other crypto advisers out there, Ken distinguishes himself by being 100% transparent, while maintaining his core values – transparency, sustainability, education, and supporting others.

Multi-Pronged Approach

Ken brings the same core values to his latest crypto venture – 100xCoin. While most founders of other crypto tokens in the crypto space choose to remain anonymous, 100xCoin sets a new standard by being a doxxed token.

At first, 100xCoin was to join the club of meme crypto tokens like Dogecoin. But along the way, Ken and its strong community of holders choose to make a significant shift from its original vision. The envisioned 100xCoin to have a more solid position in the crypto space by offering blockchain-based products that eliminate many of the tooted pain points of the crypto industry, unlike many of the other valueless meme coins.

Ken and the team are taking a multidimensional approach by bringing cryptos to the masses. The 100xCoin ecosystem will foster multiple projects such as Altbase, 100xCoin NFT exchange, 100xRocket, and many more, all of which are powered by the 100xCoin token.

Keeping transparency at its core, 100xCoin is a deflationary token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. It takes 10% transaction fees per sale to contribute to burn functions, automatic liquidity pool, and marketing and development of the ecosystem. The deflationary process will immensely benefit the 100xCoin holders.

With over 50K holders and more joining the elite club of investors, 100xCoin may likely moon soon, in spite of the current market dip.

100xCoin plans to launch Altbase, a mobile application that makes altcoins more accessible to investors, by the end of May. The app eliminates the hassle and difficulty of investing in cryptocurrencies by allowing investors to buy new crypto coins with their debit and credit card directly. This makes buying altcoins all the easier for first-time buyers. With Altbase, buying cryptocurrencies becomes as easy as buying anything online. The app creates a sense of convenience and security for investors.

100xCoin will also foster the growth of other Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects through 100xRocket. It will serve as a launchpad for innovation projects on BSC. Before onboarding, each project will be thoroughly vetted by the 100xCoin team. These projects will benefit from the 100xCoin community and the team of experts. The 100xRocket also benefits holders as they get early access to invest in these projects and thus increase their chances of achieving a favorable return on investment, especially with the high number of meme coins circulating and providing sheer gains.

Ken Llamas and the 100xCoin team also have plans to bring celebrity-endorsed NFTs to the BSC. It has already partnered with popular NFL, MMA, Boxing, and entertainment big shots who have vouched for 100XCoin as an excellent crypto investment. The first version of the NFT exchange will roll out by May end, allowing investors to get their hands on rare NFTs. The project will capitalize on one of the hottest and recent trends in the industry.

Bringing fresh and innovative features regularly to 100xCoin will draw more attention and investment. With its long-drawn strategy and multi-pronged approach, the 100xCoin ecosystem has the potential to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to new and more investors. The influx of growth will positively reflect on its value and help reach the moon and beyond in the near future.


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