The market seems to be preparing itself for one of the biggest altseasons ever. With BTC reaching a new ATH just under 70k, it seems like a possibility of it going as high as 100k is more real than ever!!

ALTSEASON cryptocurrency

With it, the altcoins have started moving as well. We see gains all over the market now, but I do believe this is just the start of it. After all, the turtle’s of this market still do have a more than real chance to beat the rabbits

One project that’s being kind of slept on atm is  UpBots. UpBots The bots support platform has played a really important role in lives of many traders over the past year, as it was instrumental as far as securing passiveincome goes

With a variety of bots, one of the latest ones being an all new SHIBbot, there’s really something to be found for everyone interacting with UpBots platform for trading purposes.

DeFi Crypto

But, that’s far from it being all for this platform. UpBots has serious additions as far as features go yet to make it to the platform, and some of those are a superbot, as well as copy trading

Copy trading is, in my mind, one feature that could push UpBots well above the existing competitors. With the ability to utilise other trader’s proven strategies while trading, and offering the ability to said traders to monetise their knowledge, you can’t really do wrong

Right now, UBXT does seem asleep. But don’t let that fool you. Burning is actively happening through performance fees, and the community is growing stronger with each passing day.


All of the above-mentioned could influence a parabolic movement that could very well happen just as altseaoson is picking up the pace. December is yet upon us, and I think this is one of the projects you should DYOR before it arrives.

AltSeason Blockchain

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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