The modern world of social media is overwhelming. The intense squeals of every day notifications, the on-rails experience, and the lack of control to what you are exposed to, with the algorithm not just serving your needs but dictating them. Family units who connect through social media are inadvertently exposed to this noise. Places to connect with one another are crowded with other demands.

Bank of Memories is a protocol that leverages crypto-primitives and new forms of engagement with web3 to create a safe space for family units to interact and to build out their family tree. It’s a clean, transparent, private vehicle for family – and other close groups – to come to and interact with one another. Families can create NFTs and store them in the family vault, and create NFTs that signify one’s belonging to a family unit, and which then grants access to everything in the family vault.

Family members can use NFTs as a way to create memories and digitise shared experiences that they’ve had together, and to inscribe media on the blockchain so that those memories become permanent, and also permanently accessible to those who have the NFT keys to be let into the family vaults. 

Heritage on the Blockchain

It opens up an opportunity for true heritage to exist on the blockchain. Memories can be passed down the blockchain, as can the complete history of a family units social interaction in this safe space. No centralised entity responsible for the file storage will ever go bust, no server will go down or be removed that holds the important data. The data is distributed in a decentralised fashion and can never be lost. Built on Polygon, Bank of Memories will hold precious memories for eternity, for children and great grandchildren to see long into the future.

Thinking about such long-term goals isn’t necessarily standard in crypto, and it’s a testament to what Bank of Memories is trying to achieve that they take the long view. It shows their faith in DLT as the crucible of our future interaction in society, and that decentralised systems is simply a better way to run the world that eventually everyone will embrace. A crucial part of those systems involve heritage, and how we hand down what matters to us to those we leave behind. 

Bank of Memories is firstly, of course, focusing on the private moments between families that only they can cherish. Yet in time, as NFTs begin to be used in more real world systems like real estate, safe storage of that property will become paramount. Bank of Memories provides a way for users to secure these real-world value NFTs in perpetuity and grant access only to their family, or precious few around them, who they would want to be the beneficiaries when they pass.

Bank of Memories for the Present

Bank of Memories still offers plenty of short-term utility. As a file storage solution, a hyper-focused social and communications network, and as a way to connect and expand the horizons of the family tree and inspire new connections across generations both upwards and downwards but to the side, letting new encounters happen as a result of family members finding each other through the spirals of web3,

The importance of a safe space for people to interact in this new world of excessive information and lurking digital threat is crucial. Bank of Memories is not only providing that platform, but letting family members mint and store nfts to share and create memories, and letting them experience those memories in brand new ways through their AR functionality, is an ever growing need in general society. 

Bank of Memories also has a token, GBM, which families can use to share, save, and reward one another on the blockchain, providing directly fungible value to one another within their safe space with a few easy clicks. This wider integration into web3 promises a new way for these social structures to work.

Bank of Memories, built on Polygon, is carving out an interesting niche in web3. Heritage isn’t ‘sexy’, but is both a certainty and a necessity. Bank of Memories web3 rails for family trees and heritage will carve out a safe and special space for families to congregate in the metaverse and enjoy the fruits of this new technology together.


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