Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionary, but in sharp contrast Gates was lukewarm on Web3 and the metaverse in his annual Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

Gates logged on Wednesday for the 11th session of his annual AMA on Reddit where he spent more than an hour fielding questions relating to climate change, ethical billionaires, technology and many more.

He gave his views on the trends in the tech sector and answered questions from some Reddit users on an array of subjects.

He weighed in on some of the tech industry’s buzziest concepts during the AMA session. The tech guru thinks AI is “quite revolutionary,” and impressed with OpenAI’s ChatGPT which has been making waves recently as it is able to generate human-like text.

Metaverse, Web3 not a big deal

One Reddit user asked: “Many years ago, I think around 2000, I heard you say On TV like, ‘People are vastly overestimating what the internet can be like in 5 years, and vastly underestimating what it will be like in 10 years.’ Is any mammoth technology shift at a similar stage right now?”

In response, Gates said: “AI is the big one. I don’t think Web3 was that big or that Metaverse stuff alone was revolutionary, but AI is quite revolutionary.”

Another Reddit user asked Gates his views on generative AI, artificial intelligence that can create content. He appeared excited about it.

“I am quite impressed with the rate of improvement in these AIs. I think they will have a huge impact,” said Gates.

The philanthropist also spoke of applying AI to his humanitarian work.

“Thinking of it in the Gates Foundation context, we want to have tutors that help kids learn math and stay interested. We want medical help for people in Africa who can’t access a doctor.”

“I still work with Microsoft so I am following this very closely,” added Gates.

ChatGPT excites Bill Gates

Gates also showed keen interest in the ChatGPT platform. When asked about his views on the platform, he said: “It gives a glimpse of what is to come. I am impressed with this whole approach and the rate of innovation.”

Microsoft is said to be prepping a $10 billion investment in Open AI, although separate reports indicate that it’s bringing the ChatGPT AI chatbot and the tech like it to products like Bing, Office and Windows. The deal has Microsoft taking up 49% stake in the company after it absorbs 75% of OpenAI’s profits until Microsoft recoups its investment. It’s valued the AI-unicorn at $2 billion.

Up to date with Microsoft?

Gates admitted he was not up to date with some of Microsoft’s upcoming projects although the tech giant still involves him in some research and product plans.

“I really like working with Satya (Nadella) and his team. I am not up to date on their hardware roadmap,” he said.

Another Reddit user asked the business mogul: “With the benefit of hindsight regarding your years of involvement with Microsoft, what is the single biggest thing you wish you had done differently?”

Gates said having been a CEO until 2000, he now knows a lot more than back then and would work on 2 things – a phone operating system, and to try to settle the antitrust lawsuit sooner.

Although he doesn’t run the company day-to-day, Microsoft has been edging into the metaverse.

Last year it was one of the 35 companies alongside Meta, Sony and Alibaba to found Metaverse Standards Forum. The idea being to coordinate cooperation for an “open and inclusive Metaverse.

This article is originally from MetaNews.


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