Gala Games in a statement revealed that the greater degree of control over the gaming experience is vital to the company’s core mission of empowering users.

Gala games, a blockchain gaming company founded by Zynga Inc, co-founder Eric Schiermeyer has received funding from the Binance Smart Chain’s $100 million Accelerator Fund. Gala Games will also use the Binance Smart Chain in addition to the funding.

The Binance Smart Chain is a new blockchain launched in 2020 by global crypto exchange behemoth Binance Holdings Ltd which is used as a platform to develop more new decentralized apps to offer their players a wide variety of choices for management of their assets.

The company stated that it is determined to build a platform to allow players to own any in-game items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they buy or earn, in a decentralized ecosystem that also “gives them a voice in game development.” A spokesperson with the gaming company declined to comment on the terms of the funding, citing a confidentiality agreement. Gala games however in a statement revealed that the greater degree of control over the gaming experience is vital to the company’s core mission of empowering gamers.

Samy Karim, the ecosystem coordinator for Binance Smart Chain, in an email after the partnership stated that Gamers are now very familiar and comfortable with concepts around digital and in-game assets. “We will continue to support teams driving change and innovation in the industry,” he stated.

Gala games were founded in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer and have almost 1.8 million monthly active users, according to its website.  The gaming platform is partially owned and operated by its players, who can also earn tokens by playing and use those earned tokens to decide the future of each game. The company has two games in development, which are the Mirandus fantasy role-playing game, which will revolutionize the traditional gaming model by giving players greater control than ever over the in-game economy, and Town Star management simulation, alongside two more from other developers. The company recently revealed that it aims to make the blockchain “invisible” in its games.

President of blockchain at Gala Games, Jason Brink in an email stated that:

“We are looking forward to working together to drive real-world adoption of blockchain technology through gaming with BSC’s support.”

Gala Games, recently partnered with Opera, one of the world’s leading browser developers to create carbon-neutral NFTs that will be auctioned with proceeds going to charity organizations. Gala games were set to mint an exclusive series of 8 Ethereum (ERC-20) NFTs to be auctioned in the first phase of this partnership. The NFTs will be branded together by both Opera and Gala Games and will have future utility in Mirandus.

All proceeds from the NFT auctions will be donated to Mercy Corps Ventures, the impact investing section of the leading global development organization Mercy Corps.

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