ChainGuardians is a platform that mixes conventional gaming ideas with blockchain know-how to allow player-driven economies. Gamers can take part within the free-to-play Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) mining platform and position taking part in sport; each of which permit gamers to earn earnings, turning their time and power into tangible rewards.

The intention of ChainGuardians is to carry the NFT group an unprecedented gaming ecosystem based upon aggressive sport play by way of chain evaluation know-how, superior sport economics which integrates gamers’ actual life cryptocurrency and NFT holdings, and the expertise of expandable and protracted multi- blockchain worlds.

ChainGuardians imaginative and prescient is to create a number of the world’s most satisfying blockchain gaming experiences by combining conventional gaming ideas with blockchain know-how.

The ecosystem’s property equivalent to weapons and armour, Guardian and supporting characters, are digital collectables. These collectible property are represented by way of distinctive ERC-721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures the property are one in all a sort, stopping them from duplication or counterfeit. The collectible property are of a restricted amount, making certain they maintain their shortage and worth inside marketplaces. Customers may have the choice to purchase and promote them initially on secondary NFT marketplaces.

How ChainGuardians Work

ChainGuardians is a persistent multi-world turn-based actual time technique sport that comes with fascinating rewards and clear economies. Participant rewards are pushed by each participant purchases and crypto infusions which happen because of partnerships with different sport tokens and blockchains.

The ChainGuardians sport is solely managed by the participant, and it’s a battle based mostly sport which is lively in actual time. When gamers aren’t on-line, superior AI based mostly battles happen ruled by a Guardians’ attributes. Gamers can ambush enemies at evening or daylight. So the primary goal of the sport is to loot and eradicate enemies. The sport permits gamers to take part in Chain-Battles with different gamers to realize even greater rewards.

The heroes of the ecosystem are referred to as guardians or ChainGuardians, who can be part of forces to take down opposing forces and the enemies; gatekeepers, in an effort to acquire energy, credit, armaments and highly effective world artifacts. The guardians can conquer castles, fortresses and dungeons or set up campsites with defensive attributes.

ChainGuardians are the superheroes of the CryptoVerse and sworn protectors of their respective worlds. They champion the forefront of the battle in opposition to the Gatekeeper tyrant. With out their safety, the CryptoVerse would have fallen underneath the oppressive rule of the gatekeepers.

Guardians have twelve attributes, every with a most quantity of factors, all totaling to 100. These attributes are rarity, pure potential, armor and weapon rating, magical merchandise rating, fame rating, guardian abilities, exercise rating and age. Guardian abilities differ and are obtained from their journey. They’re power, mind, stamina, charisma, and agility.

All characters within the ecosystem have uniqueness and within the NFT gathering circles, with sufficient shortage, there might be plenty of worth. The characters are in numerous classes, legendary, uncommon, unusual and customary. The characters can both be Guardians, Captains, Lieutenants, and Officers. The Guardians are Seth Buter, Bitsee, Dasha, Mudra, Hiro, Lolita Lee, and Binancio. There’s additionally a hierarchy, which suggests, Guardians are all the time Legendaries, Captains and Lieutenants are legendary, uncommon or unusual, Officers are both uncommon, frequent or unusual.

The ChainGuardians battle based mostly video games are lively in actual time and are solely managed by the participant. When gamers aren’t on-line, superior AI based mostly battles happen ruled on the Guardians’ attributes. Gamers can ambush enemies at evening or throughout the day. So the primary goal of the sport is to loot and eradicate enemies. The video games enable gamers to take part in Chain-Battles with different gamers to realize even greater rewards.

Distinctive Sport Options

World Spheres

These are ERC-721 tokens that characterize a particularly distinctive and low provide in-game asset. The World Spheres are restricted to 9 per world and the attributes have particular advantages to holders. 4 of the World Spheres are distributed to the group and 5 World Spheres scattered the world over. As soon as a participant obtains all of the World Spheres and prompts the ‘Make a Want’ characteristic, the World Spheres are reallocated.

CG-Power Amplification Artifact (ERC-721)

Anybody that holds gate portal entry playing cards (an ERC-721) will be capable of take part on this planet creation occasions or throughout cataclysms. Throughout these seeding occasions that happen all through the CryptoVerse, power Forces are extracted from the worlds. This enables gamers that maintain a gate portal entry card to attract power Forces from their alternate universe Crypto holdings. Gamers that maintain cryptocurrencies stipulated by the builders are additionally rewarded. The Highly effective Power Amplification Artifacts supplies 2x, 3x, and even 5x power duplication. 


The thought of ‘Pay to Win’ has been an enormous drawback in lots of the distinguished video games at present. These techniques typically hinder the entry of newer gamers and limits the sport from reaching its full potential. Furthermore, lots of the blockchain video games have distinctive concepts, but many are unable to realize their mission. ChainGuardians has created a platform with a number of sport modes and balanced guardians and different characters such that gamers are entertained and have the chance to win.

The ChainGuardians platform is constantly seeking to develop its in-game experiences in order that extra crypto-enthusiasts and anime-lovers can be part of hand in hand within the crypto world. Latest developments and partnerships are all targeted in creating a greater expertise for the gamers.


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