Xcapit is building a more accessible crypto economy through functional partnerships with major industry leaders.

Cryptocurrency-based investing platform Xcapit has provided integration for RIF tokens on its application, in a bid to offer its users more functionality. According to the press release shared with Coinspeaker, RIF token holders can now gain access to a whole new investment wallet that provides automatic yield.

The advent of digital currencies has ushered in whole new possibilities for many users around the world. For the first time in today’s financial ecosystem, we are beginning to witness people take responsibility for their finances through unbridled control offered by cryptocurrencies. Anyone can now send money without the oversight of a central bank or third party and digital assets has opened a whole new ecosystem where users get a high return on their investments.

A competitive ecosystem has been built around these digital currencies, as new platforms seek to introduce new use cases and take a bite of the growing market share. Xcapit is one of the emerging investment service providers that cater to the needs of crypto-asset holders. The platform’s investment offering is non-custodial and RIF holders will be at an advantage to earn as native Bitcoin investors.

While being backed by the RSK Infrastructure Framework, the advent of the Xcapit crypto app seeks to introduce new frontiers into the ecosystem. With Xcapit, users can get access to predefined investment strategies, while taking advantage of its integration with Binance exchange.

“When we designed Xcapit, we did it thinking that the financial model could also be used with other assets. We believe that RIF offers many new infrastructure services through the RSK network, and this will accelerate the adoption of DeFi for Bitcoin. RIF will allow people using the RSK Infrastructure framework to yield on that. We are very happy to be able to collaborate with this amazing project” said José Ignacio Trajtenberg, Xcapit Chief Executive Officer.

Xcapit Crypto App: Building Accessible Financial Products Through Partnership

Xcapit is building a more accessible crypto economy through functional partnerships with major industry leaders. Its partnership with Binance is targeted at offering its users a large trading platform with enough liquidity. As a layer 2 blockchain, its relationship with the RSK network is helping it power a secure and scalable infrastructure and ecosystem that can help usher in mass adoption.

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar IOV Labs CEO, commented that “We are excited to have Xcapit integrated with RIF which will provide new opportunities to RIF token holders. It’s thrilling to experience how quickly the DeFi ecosystem has been growing, launching more products and achieving broader adoption.”

As a show of its products embrace, and the potentials of its partnerships, the Xcapit crypto app has a dynamic network of community members.

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