In the first quarter of 2021 NFT (non-fungible token) sales topped over $2 billion with a market cap that increased by 1,785%. There is no doubt the explosive demand for NFTs has sparked the curiosity of fans eager to participate in the frenzy for a chance to own early digital collectables from their favorite artists and brands.

The only issue is that the general population has yet to bridge into the crypto space due multiple factors including the friction point of setting up a crypto wallet. 

Enter Curio, an emerging digital collectibles and experience platform that delivers a fiat gateway for the general public as well as a crypto native access point via MetaMask.

Curio’s mission is to leverage the power of blockchain to connect fans to the artists, characters, and stories we know and love. By paving an accessible pathway for true collectors and worldwide fans to play in the NFT space, Curio’s platform also establishes a reliable landing for household brands looking to enter the NFT market.


Built on the belief that NFTs serve as a new mechanism of storytelling, Curio enables creators, studios, and celebrities to share innovative content with fan-centric communities by providing a new channel to summon, engage, share, and reward the most beloved of fans. The adoption of Curio’s platform also ushers in the opportunity for brands and studios to redefine what owning collectibles or tokens mean in 2021 and beyond.

Fremantle productions is one of those brands that has welcomed the use of Curio’s platform. Curio partnered with Fremantle productions to drop a series of NFTs for the  TV Show, American Gods, originally created by the epic British author Neil Gaiman and produced by Fremantle productions. Their first drop, which went live in Feb 2021, sold out in a matter of 65 minutes. American Gods have a wildly engaged and rabid fanbase:

“Curio made it easy for us to engage with our fans in a meaningful and modern way, by creating a variety of digital experiences and collectibles for American Gods Season 3. Now fans of the show can share and interact with the content and characters they love.” 

Coming off the heels of their sold out first collection, Curio and Fremantle productions have teamed up again to drop “Motel America,” the second collection of American Gods NFTs dropping on Curio June 2nd at 10 AM PDT. 

With passionate fans, Curio plans to offer different experiences to holders of officially licenced NFTs. They are working with Fremantle directly to identify how holders of NFTs can access creatives from the show to provide utility along with value.

Curio has announced partnerships with several other notable names in the entertainment industry including Dark Horse Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Universal Pictures. On the horizon, Curio shared they have NFTs coming from artists, films, record labels, and one of the largest trading card companies in the world.

 “As entertainment executives, we are excited to shape the digital collectibles market and help artists and brands engage in a new two-way dialogue through NFTs,”

Rikin Mantri, Co-founder and COO at Curio. 

curio partnerships

Highlighted Features

Curio just completed a new fundraising round of $7M to fuel growth of their highly curated platform and to accelerate a new rewards program that incentivizes platform engagement. With rewards, they will build out platform experiences that engage fans beyond the current offering of challenges, raffles, and bonus NFT content.

Curio aims to create relationships across the partner ecosystem to integrate fan experiences and reward participation in the community. With a fan first mindset achieved through community feedback, Curio is rolling out new features across the platform and within the NFTs themselves, including:

  • Trading Packs — A highly requested feature from both our content partners and users.
  • NFT Evolutions — Being able to fuse multiple NFTs together to create a shiny new (rare) NFT!
  • Fan experiences — Introducing unique experiences for fans to connect with their favorite creators (both online and offline).
  • Enhanced Early Access — Providing true fans with early access for their favorite brand collections (and fighting off the nasty bots to boot!)
  • Reworked challenges — Incorporating Curio Rewards™ and other new items into our challenges framework.
  • Improved Trading Features — Adding new trading features to help fans complete their collections.


Since it’s first launch in Feb 2021, Curio has continued to sell out of each NFT drop with its partners. Curio recognizes the appetite for diehard fandoms in this market is expanding in the coming weeks and months.

They say they’re prepared to onboard the broader public as well as the crypto native community to journey to the next stratosphere of fandom in the Metaverse.


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