Despite the turmoil in crypto in  2022, we march forward to true decentralization via self-custody and privacy. One app that’s being slept on is Railway Wallet. Here’s why Railway might change the way DeFi works.

Railway is a privacy wallet powered by RAILGUN. It lets you trade, swap, send & hold tokens privately and directly on public blockchains like Ethereum. It will soon be able to interact with a wide range of dApps thanks to RAILGUN SDK. Devs can easily bring privacy to their protocols with this SDK which is a huge step forward for DeFi. 

Until now, using chains like Ethereum meant sacrificing privacy, as your transactions are recorded forever. Getting privacy meant sacrificing security, access to liquidity, and dApps, as you’d have to use a standalone chain with a bridge. Railway and the RAILGUN SDK means you won’t have to sacrifice anything and make any security assumptions to receive privacy. (Who is running the validators? How secure is the bridge? Is the sequencer decentralized? Where is the liquidity for me to trade against?)

NONE of those questions needed to be answered when using Railway, as it’s available directly on L1s. It is as secure as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, or Arbitrum. Every other DeFi privacy solution is inferior in both security and liquidity. All you need is to set up a private 0zk address, shield any ERC-20 you want, and you’re off to the races with an easy-to-use UI and the whole world of DeFi at your fingertips. Functionality for shielded balances will also grow as the adoption of the SDK takes off. 

This was originally a Twitter thread regarding RAILGUN.


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