After more than a year of COVID-19, the economic shock has seen donations for charity dry up, and opportunities to give in person are few.

Like the rest of the world, philanthropy is turning to technology to adapt. This is the reason why startups are setting up to be able to help make a link between NFT, charity and artists wanting to work for a humanitarian cause.

Among these startups, The Legaler Aid organized an auction bringing together famous artists in the NFT sector such as José Delbo (whom we no longer present) but also succeeded in establishing a collaboration with DJ Diplo, the 3D animator Vùho and comic colorist Ross Campbell!

The funds raised by this auction will go to not only fund their mission to help the eviction crisis but also act as permanent touchstones for the charity’s values of justice and fairness.

NFTs for Charity

We’ve already seen the example of Edward Snowden doing an auction to benefit journalists’ freedom, but it looks like NFTs are emerging as a new use case for charity!

Another example is the one of Black Girls Code raising $82,000 and various arts programs raising $623,000, respectively.

Today, MakersPlace is selling several original and exclusive works, here is their presentation:

Introducing: ‘Justice Reigns Supreme’ by Delbo x Diplo

The Legaler Aid charity is dropping a series to pay homage to the Justice Heroes that have paved the way to equal and fair justice. The first piece is Justice Reigns Supreme, a collaboration between legendary DC and Marvel comic artist Jose Delbo and world famous DJ Diplo.

The artists will join forces to celebrate the truly heroic legacy of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

makersplace fight for justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, better known as simply RBG, was a trailblazer for women’s rights in the United States. A real-life Wonder Woman, she was instrumental in advancing gender equality from her seat on the Supreme Court bench.

With this NFT, Legaler Aid aims to pay tribute to her life’s work and the legacy her iconic image continues to represent today.


The use of NFTs in a charitable framework is starting to spread more and more, especially as a means for associations to raise funds in a digital and above all transparent way.

The more the adoption of NFTs and crypto more generally continues, the more likely this means of raising funds is to become more democratic. We therefore hope that this kind of initiative will continue to develop in the future!


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