Who doesn’t like a flutter? It’s even better when the odds are stacked in your favour. With crypto though, it can sometimes be hard when browsing the exchange’s neon casino of reds and greens to pick a winner, or place your bet in the right box. CryptoPunt, with their leading blockchain e-gaming platform, plans to give users a fairer, more secure, gaming experience so they can enjoy a good punt now and then – on their terms. 

It also makes the real players: the ones who bet on the token itself win bigger than they ever could in Macau or Vegas, a chance to get their own lambo to drive down the strip. The CryptoPunt token’s IDO is coming, and it’s an even money bet with a 1000-1 payout. Even Han Solo would want to know those odds.

Casino Battle Royale

The rainbow swirl of the casino is an intoxicating beast. The clatter of chips and the thrill of gains, watching your money multiply exponentially. Except, with classic casinos, it rarely does. Too often the dispirited slouch back to the hotel after another fruitless evening locked in those baroque, acid-trap hallways. That’s if you even get in. Passports, credit checks, criminal checks, and a whole host of other KYC is required – including “we don’t like the look of your face” as a valid disbarring offence – to get past any casino doors, real or virtual. Moreover, travelling in these times just doesn’t work anymore – you’re either on lockdown, unable to enter the casino due to a confusing number of restrictions, or just… well, lazy. 

Even if you do win, the House has utter authority to stop you playing or take your winnings away. Online platforms are even worse, as they are within their rights to not disburse your funds when requested. You’ve heard many tales of woe about proceeds from gaming won fairly held up in court as big betting companies try to tire out punters who hit the jackpot by snarling them up in legal action. 

How CryptoPunt Makes Gaming Perfect for the Blockchain

Gambling is numbers, it needs no central benefactor making profit off the backs of punters, especially when the blockchain offers so much more utility. Auditable smart contracts can run every game with 100% transparency and fairness, with no human error. All of it is guaranteed by the Ethereum mainnet, through Polygon. And, because the game is less expensive to run, the house edge doesn’t need to be so staggeringly large as to always put the player at a disadvantage no matter how well they play. CryptoPunt empowers the player.

And it’s quick, too, with CryptoPunt’s sophisticated use of Layer 2 tech bringing bet times down to the same rate as traditional centralised offerings. Finally, and most crucially, your stake, your payout and your bankroll are guaranteed by the blockchain. CryptoPunt doesn’t own your funds – no one does, except you. CryptoPunt is a fully decentralised casino that ensures funds are kept safe by the blockchain network. It takes one minute to go from access to table.

Payouts can be straight into and out of wallets too, so you can gamble safely, quickly and directly – no KYC required. All of the traditional pitfalls of gambling have been done away with in one fell stroke (except the main one of losing all your money; but no one but you can account for that). With CryptoPunt, your edge, control, and interaction with the game is unparalleled, so it should happen a lot less often than usual.

Feel like a High Roller

Blockchain e-gaming promises and better way to play, but also a prettier way to punt through the UX. If you’ve gambled online, you don’t need telling twice about the horrendous UIs that are churned out by betting companies. They’re similar to the uncomfortable chairs casinos put in the foyer to get you back to the tables. A sprawling mess of ugly pop outs and immersion-ruining sound cues. CryptoPunt’s UX is sleek, smart and gets you straight into the game. Players can join games, leave them, browse, chat and interact with CryptoPunt’s blockchain gaming platform seamlessly and effortlessly.

With the natural flow of gamblers towards blockchain e-gaming going to continue as its obvious benefits become increasingly well known, and CryptoPunt’s full launch on the 18th of October 2021 to be the beacon to which they flock, the $PUN token will be an incredible pick up at their IDO. The IDO is due to launch on Polkabridge and Moonstarter, followed by Uniswap. Far more excitingly, the great gates will be opened to allow the hordes to come in and experience CryptoPunt’s cutting edge UX and gaming ecosystem for themselves. 

Winner Winner Crypto Dinner!

Those early in the IDO will see massive gains as gamers begin gaming with CryptoPunt. Early IDO investors will see strong upward potential as the platform is built out and then 777% wonder gains – the stuff of straight flushes at 3 card brag and 1 number roulette chips – when the platform reaches full potential. Buying then, of course, may be too late for 777x in the same way the IDO will be, but the $PUN token still has buckets of utility to make it a valuable proposition to glean passive income and be part of the e-gaming community.

Holders of $PUN will immediately be able to access and play on the CryptoPunt ecosystem, enjoying blockchain-powered jackpot and coin flip from the off, with more games streaming onto the platform as it matures. CryptoPunt is a natural home for gambling games, but play and earn games will eventually also feature. 

$PUNish the House

The $PUN token can be used to play any of the games of the ecosystem, and when used the house edge is reduced so the players using $PUN are getting exclusive tier access to the best odds – which are fully visible at all times to $PUN holders. Moreover, referring others to CryptoPunt’s incredible ecosystem will give those referrers a permanent 0.1% rake on that users engagement with the platform. Staking $PUN to act as the banker in the games, akin to playing old school baccarat where you pass the shoe, earns a yield as well – so users can play both sides of the table.

The tokenomics are very healthy as well, with nearly a third of tokens being launched for the public sale to ensure wide distribution. A further third is kept for ecosystem development and to launch partnerships with gaming providers. The final third is to reward community contributors and are held by the team itself and their angel investors. 

Bet Big on the IDO

On the 18th October, the IDO is set to rocket. Everyone in the gaming industry knows blockchain gaming is the future. The casinos aren’t frightened of it, eventually they’ll embrace it. Blockchain gaming provides fair, auditable, player-focused e-gaming that will revolutionise the gaming industry and pioneer the play to earn model, and CryptoPunt, with its sleek UI, robust tech and community-driven earnings model will be there to welcome them all to the greatest show in town.

More information on CryptoPunt is available via Medium, Substack, Twitter, and Telegram


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