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Metaverse is a decentralized platform based on substrate blockchain technology. It lets you create digital assets and digital identities easily with its advanced architecture and security features. The future of finance and the digital economy lies undoubtedly with Metaverse. Metaverse ecosystem consists of Gene Finance, a cross-chain DeFi platform, and Stickers, an NFT artwork platform.

Stickers is an NFT platform. It is a developing platform whose infrastructure is designed to help content creators and collectors seamlessly trade. Stickers NFT will become an essential part of the Gene Finance ecosystem. Essentially the notable fact is that Stickers NFT is part of the Metaverse System. In Stickers NFT the artwork is created by young artists, in the future, more and more artists will be invited to the creation of innovative stickers. Along with the creation of new unique artwork the Stickers NFT is focusing to get its Community Support to assist in a better way. Through Metaverse support, Stickers NFT will have its own unique author number and ID number. Soon Stickers NFT will reach out to a larger market through Binance Smart Chain. Metaverse used Stickers to refine the definition of NFT, should the crypto industry how NFT should be done on public blockchains.

In order to get Stickers NFT, users should farm Tinders to mint the Stickers NFT on the platform. In order to farm Tinders, users should stake USDT & SKS in Genesis Pool and Genesis LP Pool. The stickers platform gives you the opportunity to earn multiple kinds of cards like Common, Relic, Rare and Legendary Cards. Besides cards, there is another unorthodox feature of this platform, that it offers 6 kinds of acceleration cards. Those six kinds of accelerating cards comprise Normal (N), Normal Rare (NR), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR), and Ultra Rare (UR).

Further, these acceleration cards are subdivided into 16 levels, level 1-4 comprise normal acceleration cards, levels 5-7 comprise of normal rare acceleration cards, while levels 8-10 comprise of rare acceleration cards, adding some more levels that range from 11-13 will make them super rare acceleration cards and supreme levels cards range from 14 to 16 and they are Super Super Rare (SSR) acceleration cards. Every level of these cards adds 6.25% acceleration speed to minting. Level 1,2,3,4 cards will accelerate at the rate of 6.25, 12.5%, 18.75, and 25% respectively, similarly, high-end cards of SSR levels 14,15,16 will accelerate at the rate of 87.5%, 93.75%, and 100% respectively. Once you got your hands on these cards you can Fuse them to get a higher level card, two level 1 cards will make it level 2 after fusing, two level 2 cards will make it level 3 card, and similarly, two level 4 cards can be fused to make it level 5 card, similarly for 16th level SSR acceleration card you must possess all five fragments of level 16 card. For fusing these cards the ‘Composite Feature’ at Stickers website shall be used, the composite function will fuse your cards and make a higher level card. The higher the level of the card, the higher time it will be required to be minted and higher utility will be offered by it as well. These acceleration cards are tradeable at any secondary market and may worth even more than any other Stickers NFT.

Sticker NFT’s trusted secondary market is OpenNFT, which is a diversified transaction platform, and it is engaged to provide its users with the best options available for digital assets and they are working with metaverse closely. The first iconic “Iron Man Dodge” was sold on OpenNFT at the price of 258,000 USDT.

Stickers is now launching a Community Bounty Program which will be held from June 7th-July 4th for the purpose of encouraging communities to learn more details about Stickers. A total of 1400 Stickers level 1 ETP exclusive accelerator cards for 1400 random lucky winners. Participants are responsible of resubmitting the Google form once the following week’s Bounty program begins if they wish to participate in the bounty program again. Please visit our Medium page for more info now!

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