Aavegotchi have established themselves as one of the premier NFT crypto avatars with their innovative approaches to personality traits, on-chain storage and Aave-partnered DeFi capabilities. One area that has til now remained a question mark, is the future integration of a virtual world for these cute ghosts to inhabit.

Pixelcraft Studios, the core dev team, has long promised an expansion of Aavegotchis into the metaverse. But definitions for a metaverse are all over the map and so there’s been no clear indication of what this expanded environment would look like. Til this week, that is!

Wednesday, June 23rd saw the official Aavegotchi Twitter (@aavegotchi) host a Twitter Spaces event to reveal a brand new lite paper dedicated to what they are calling, “The Gotchiverse Realm”.

The Gotchiverse Realm is described as the homeworld for Aavegotchis to inhabit and participants in the online event were treated to a high level overview of the various game mechanics and tokenomics of their take on what a crypto metaverse can be.

Digital real estate and the gamification of NFTs are already gaining a significant amount of attention with leading projects like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels active in this space. With the potential of this space growing week by week, we’re excited to share three key features that The Gotchiverse is promising.

A couple of Aavegotchis farming ALPHA

Yield Generating land parcels

There is a reason for The Gotchiverse’s diverse regions that goes beyond aesthetics. While most metaverse project’s offer parcels of various size and shape, each Realm parcel also comes with a unique mix of “resources” under its soil.

Owning a parcel is more than a sandbox to build on, but also access to four distinct resources known as $ALPHA, $FOMO, $FUD and $KEK. These resources are necessary for crafting a wide variety of NFT “installations” on top of parcels. Each of these four resources are technically ERC20 tokens and it is up to you and your Aavegotchi to effectively farm the parcels.

The “treasure map” provided subtly indicates which resources one is most likely to farm. For example, blue waterways indicate an abundance of ALPHA whereas the bright hot lava areas will certainly offer more FOMO to be farmed.

One important note is a sense of scale. The team stated on call that it takes a single Aavegotchi over one hour to cross the Realm from east to west. It also appears that the Citaadel offers a special gameplay zone that is roughly 20% of the entire Realm’s space. It’s explained that farming of all four resources is also available inside the Citaadel with one key being the lack of competitive “tower defense” type game play scenarios inside the Citaadel.

That means we can look forward to a truly RPG gaming inspired experience in addition to the typical buildings and yield farming.

aavegotchi materials

Free-to-play, one-time-use NFTs

The Aavegotchi’s arch nemesis was also revealed. Known as “The Liquidators”, these creatures are actually competing with Aavegotchis for resources that often “leak” onto the surface of the world. The result is described as the equivalent of a big easter egg hunt where players are incentivized to explore and snatch up yield first. 

Like Aavegotchis, Liquidators are unique NFTs that can be your game character of choice. Unlike Aavegotchis, these Liquidators are meant to offer a free-to-play entry point with no cap on supply and limited collectability. 

This is a fascinating new use case for NFTs that seems to be geared toward mass adoption where everyone will have a means to chasing down the Alchemica Resources. 

A fairly distributed world

The first generation of Aavegotchis (known as Haunt 1) were sold in March 2021 via a typical NFT Drop or “first come first serve” model. That saw 10,000 Aavegotchi NFTs sell out in about 1 minute. While most would call it a success, the core team were not satisfied with the amount of stress and disappointment this sales model caused much of the Aavegotchi fanbase. 

The situation prompted the team (and the AavegotchiDAO) to carefully consider new, potentially better approaches to large scale NFT sales. It was confirmed at the Twitter Spaces call that a “bid-to-earn” auction model powered by crypto auction experts, GBM, is in the works for both Haunt 2 (this July) and the first REALM parcel pre-sale in August. The auction method leaves the door open for 72 hours and enables everyone to take their time bidding on any available parcel over that period.

Perhaps even more surprising is the confirmation that only 80% of pre-sale #1 parcels will be auctioned while the remaining 20% of parcels will all be distributed via a Chainlink VRF raffle.

aavegotchi realm distribution

While Aavegotchi is famous for having perfected Chainlink-powered raffles, the size and scope of this raffle announcement is still quite shocking. To facilitate this, a new ERC-1155 was introduced, aptly called “Drop Tickets”. 

Anyone staking Aavegotchi’s GHST token earns FRENS points which can soon be exchanged for these Drop Tickets. There are also a number of ways to win drop tickets, with the team allocating 10,000 USD worth of funding toward ticket giveaways. 

With the REALM presale still a couple months away, we all have some time to farm or earn some sweet Drop Tickets. It’s understood that the raffle will take place during the same time window as the auction itself. Though exact dates remain to be confirmed.

If someone wants to use their Drop Tickets before the August sale, it is worth noting that Drop Tickets can be traded on the Aavegotchi marketplace and will also work in a similar raffle confirmed for Haunt 2, second generation Aavegotchis this July. 

You can read The Realm lite paper in its entirety here or join the Aavegotchi conversation at the official Discord and Telegram.  

aavegotchi gotchis frens

A couple frenly Aavegotchi ready to explore The Gotchiverse Realm


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