Dogs and Crypto make happy kennelmates. Man’s best friend is also Coin’s best friend. Doge – against the doomsaying of all the technical blowhards bleating about its bad performance – is still one of the top ten coins by market cap and is still a real, and fungible, force in the crypto economy. NFTs are next for this craze.

People love dogs. Dog ownership is through the roof as people rely ever more on their loyal companions in these trying times. As assets move on-chain, so will our pets. It stands to reason that a runaway dog-centred NFT collectible has probably already captured the attention of the masses. Or will do soon. Making everyone who owns one very rich and in the company of the Punks and the Apes.

Not so, there is a Great Dane shaped hole in the NFT collectibles market yearning to be filled with slobber and joy. Current dog-related projects are either artistically impoverished, scam-riddled or lacking any kind of utility or roadmap. We need more puppies! We demand more puppies!

Well, now we have them. Pet Puppies are gorgeous, cute and heart-melting puppies with just the right dash of cool. The sublime hand-illustrated artwork stands head and shoulders above the crowded NFT space. With attributes dished out over a canvas of five breeds, you’ll find the rarity spread isn’t some ludicrously over-engineered smorgasbord where every puppy is rare so none of them are – yet each puppy is unique and has its own charm. The Discord is growing at a rate of knots of people flooding in every minute and, best of all, minting will happen very soon! Just a few hours from now, in fact. 

The Pet Puppies community loves dogs. More so, dog charity giveaways are already in the works. A pet puppy metaverse is being built out and if you get in early then free NFTs will be dropped to holders to support the burgeoning Pet Puppies ecosystem. Holding a Pet Puppy NFT will also allow you to access official merchandise so you can take your digital dog for a walk in the real world by rocking the awesome official gear. Not to mention, they’re super sweet and definitely destined for a quick sell. The world is a better place with more puppies. The NFT marketplace needs a great dog project – and this is it. So grab your Pet Puppy now before they are gone and become more expensive to own than a real dog. That you can nurture it, join the thriving community and give the dog a moon.


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