As the virtual world expands and more investments are put into technologies like the metaverse, it makes sense to develop better controllers like HaptX that enhance the ‘feel’ while interacting within a virtual world.

HaptX gloves are a cutting-edge technology that aims to bring a new level of realism to virtual reality (VR) experiences. These gloves use advanced haptic feedback to simulate the sensation of touch. This allows users to feel objects and surfaces in virtual environments as if they were real.

The HaptX gloves feature a unique microfluidic technology that uses tiny air pockets to create realistic haptic feedback. This technology allows the gloves to simulate a wide range of textures, from soft fabrics to rough surfaces, and even the sensation of temperature. The gloves also feature a high degree of precision, allowing users to feel small details and nuances in virtual objects.

Touch is the next generation human-machine interface

In October, HaptX Inc announced the availability of pre-orders of its new HaptX Gloves G1 – a haptic device optimized for the metaverse.

Founder and CEO of HaptX Jack Rubin highlighted the opportunities of this technology. The HaptX Glove G1 incorporated features most requested by HaptX customers including improved ergonomics, multiple glove sizes, wireless mobility, new and improved haptic functionality and multiplayer collaboration.

“With HaptX Gloves G1, we’re making it possible for all organizations to leverage our lifelike haptics,” said Rubin.

“Touch is the cornerstone of the next generation of human-machine interface technologies, and the opportunities are endless,” added Rubin.

Life-like sensation

One of the major advantages of HaptX gloves is the ability to provide haptic feedback that is not possible with traditional VR controllers. For example, users can feel the sensation of gripping and manipulating virtual objects, such as tools or weapons, with a level of realism that is not possible with traditional controllers.

Additionally, the gloves allow for a more immersive and realistic VR experience, with users feeling the sensation of movement and touch in virtual environments.

Scott Stein who managed to have a go at the HaptX gloves during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 23) described them as “the most eerily realistic ones I’ve ever tried” and that they were a big step forward as far as haptic gloves are concerned.

HaptX - What’s The Market Really Excited About?

Obviously, one field these gloves would make impact would be the VR gaming as they enhance how one feels while interacting with game artillery.

HaptX gloves aim to bring a new level of realism to virtual reality experiences. However, these gloves have a range of potential applications in industries such as modelling, design, education, and training, and have the potential to revolutionize the way users interact within virtual worlds.

With shipments expected to start by Q3 2023 according to the official website, consumers can start pre-ordering their choice of HaptX gloves from the available choices.

This article is originally from MetaNews.


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