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You may have seen the Heavy Metal movie from 1981 (or the remake in 2000). Or maybe you’ve been collecting the cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics magazine going back to its first issue in 1977.

Regardless, this brand has a storied history and has been the source material for incredible movies such as Blade Runner, The 5th Element, and more.

Today, these famous titles are coming to the Curio NFT marketplace (see previous blog post)

oncurio heavy metal cover

What is Curio? 

Curio is a premier NFT platform that partners with the biggest names in entertainment. Whether you’re a crypto-native or have never purchased an NFT before, Curio makes it easy.

You can buy Curio NFTs with a credit card or you can hook up your Metamask wallet and pay with ETH. On Curio, you can: 

  1. Build a collection of your favorite NFTs.
  2. Show them off on social media.  
  3. Post them for sale on the Curio Exchange.
  4. Export them to your Wallet and share them on other NFT platforms.
  5. Earn Curio Rewards™ points for raffles, prizes, and more.

Heavy Metal Covers

oncurio heavy metal cards

Heavy Metal is now dropping its iconic covers as NFTs for the first time ever on Curio.

This female-led collection highlights Heavy Metal’s biggest heroine, Taarna — majestically shown on Issue #300 by Glenn Fabry, which was just nominated for a prestigious Ringo Award in Best Presentation in Design — alongside Lex, the part-woman-part-machine on Heavy Metal Issue #301 by Isaac Escorza.

The other two covers are Taarna The Cosmic Gardener riding the lightning by comics master Butch Guice, and Issue #304 in a luminescent cover by Michal Suchanek

Fuse 3 Elements Into a Complete Cover NFT

Buy a pack for 0.02 ETH to get one randomized cover element. When you collect all 3 elements of the same cover (background, foreground, content), starting September 24th you’ll be able to fuse these elements together to get the complete cover with trade dress as a new Legendary NFT.

There are 3,600 elements in total leading to a maximum of 300 editions of each full cover, which will be distributed in the order that they are fused.

Plus, one Infinite Object will be raffled per cover for holders of the cover covers on October 1st.


Collect.  Love.  Share.

  1. Get a Heavy Metal Covers Pack
  2. Collect 3 elements of the same cover
  3. Fuse those 3 elements together to build a complete cover starting September 24th
  4. Earn Curio Rewards™ points
  5. Flex your collection, HODL, or resell on the Exchange


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