The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and becoming more relevant in society today – new challenges are emerging from the cracks. Within the crypto sphere, responsible and fair trading is something that projects, communities, and institutions hope to attain, in addition to , developing a safe trading environment.

That’s where Kattana steps in to change the game.

Kattana is growing from being just another CeFi based platform to becoming an  integral part of a trader’s journeys. Its top-grade trading tools have the ability to help traders execute seamless and more sound strategies. 

Kattana’s trading platform now offers its tools and pro-level graphs to the DeFi market and allows everyone to trade in real-time across more than 40 DEXs, including advanced order types and state-of-the-art charts. Using its platform will allow you to have a fresh experience with and perspective on crypto and DeFi trading.

Kattana has broadened its horizons after integrating with DeXe network, a decentralized social trading platform that offers tools for automatic rebalancing and currency allocation, powered by smart contracts. This integration has made Kattana a safer environment for trading, since it eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details to  third parties. 

It also expands Kattana’s use case by making it the crown jewel of the DeXe ecosystem. The platform can now be looked at as the optimal solution for DeFi trading and not just your everyday trading terminal. The tools shared between both platforms also help foster transparency and responsible trading.  

After achieving increased development and acceptance, Kattana has become the platform of choice for traders to analyze and trade within the crypto market. Users can easily buy and sell via available trading tools while also managing their portfolio, all in the same place. 

Kattana operates using a subscription-based platform, making it easy for both hobbyists and experienced crypto traders alike to get involved. 

The brains behind Kattana are composed of the perfect mix of developers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts whose goal is to bridge the gap between users and available crypto markets. The financial system is rapidly changing, and platforms such as Kattana are becoming cornerstones for tomorrow’s trading.


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