With blockchain technology revolutionizing many industries, crypto gaming has become the talk of the town. At present, there are 398 active blockchain games, reflecting a 92% increase from a year ago.

A gaming guild is a group of enthusiastic gamers who come together to play video games and share data. While ‘guild’ is the most familiar term in the gaming world, these groups may also be referred to as clans, communities, or factions.

Gaming guilds have been around for decades, but competitive gaming is the key factor that has increased their popularity in recent times. Competitive gaming communities like Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and Team Liquid are examples of traditional gaming guilds.

Crypto gaming guilds, on the other hand, have different visions. While some are focused on earning millions of dollars through P2E gaming, others aim to build strong communities that will create the best alphas and good projects.

Hypeverse is the latter kind, with a laser focus on creating a powerful community of gamers who will revolutionize web3 gaming.


“The Guild is the Game”

Hypeverse is a gaming guild for AAA Web3 games that strives to build a community of creators who can contribute to Web3 gaming with valuable skills like amplification, moderation, visual content, and more.

Hypeverse endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional and Web3 gamers by forming a gaming community that will evolve the narrative, iterate on current feedback, and develop enjoyable games for all gamers.

Hypeverse’s aim is to ensure that the future of Web3 gaming can be built on real feedback from the community it is building.

Hypeverse’s Vision

Hypeverse’s vision is to focus on high-quality projects in the metaverse, to become the premier decentralized community for digital creators.

Hypeverse’s Goal

Hypeverse’s goal is to keep its community involved through attractive incentives, entertaining content, and premium live events. Currently, the Hypeverse Discord server is home to an ongoing competition worth $100,000 USDC in prizes—involving complex community-oriented puzzles requiring cooperation to solve. These puzzles are presented in a narrative wrapper, building up the Hypeverse lore and overall immersive setting with each passing day. The result is a community that is in itself a game, while simultaneously working towards strengthening the Web3 gaming industry as a whole.

What makes Hypeverse Unique?

Hypeverse is a gaming guild for the people and by the people, designed to be a place for gamers and creators to meet.

The team consists of traditional gaming veterans as well as experienced Web3 marketers who have the knowledge and experience to get traditional gamers to join the community.

Hypeverse is not only a gaming community for Web3 games, but also a game in itself with deep lore that has creativity, fun, and freedom at its core. The motive is not a cash grab but a cash GIVE, allowing community members to receive plenty of rewards from the Hypeverse.

The plan is to establish a win-win relationship by promoting quality content of ambassadors in the community, addressing questions from members, providing educational materials about Web3 and blockchain, and arming users with the necessary knowledge to enter the metaverse and P2E space.

Hypeverse x Nifty Island

Hypeverse recently announced its partnership with Nifty Island, the open social gaming platform and virtual world.

Hypeverse aims to increase the number of creators and gamers in the blockchain gaming space, and Nifty Island seeks to develop a set of interoperable games, a marketplace, game developer tools, play-to-earn protocol, and infrastructure powered by Web3.

Recently, Nifty Island themed contests and challenges were hosted on the Hypeverse Discord server, with 30 winners receiving whitelisted status for the Nifty Island Closed Alpha test—an early build of the game that is currently under very limited public access.

Why is Nifty Island the ideal partner for Hypeverse?

Hypeverse has always expressed its commitment towards partnering with the most exciting projects, thriving communities, and inventive teams so that players can stay engaged and become early contributors to important next-decade games.

Hypeverse’s partnership with Nifty Island is, therefore, a powerful expression of their confidence in the project’s current value and growth potential.

Through this meaningful partnership, Hypeverse will help encourage experienced and novice players to apply their gaming skills and participate actively in all aspects of Nifty Island’s Web3 ecosystem.

Nifty Island will, in turn, strive to provide a unique gaming experience and player-owned metaverse that is ideal for both pros and beginners within the Hypeverse community.

Closing Thoughts

Launched on 14th February 2022, Hypeverse has already begun its journey towards becoming an established gaming guild for AAA Web3 gamers across the globe. Hypeverse has been created by traditional gaming veterans and crypto enthusiasts, resulting in a product that offers the “best of both worlds”.

The Hypeverse community includes over 2 billion people across various geographical locations, including Russia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The target market will also expand to include gamers from more locations in the future.

Hypeverse is looking for passionate gamers who value quality over quantity and experience over mere profits. Players can expect plenty of games, riddles, puzzles, and rewards along the way, as Hypeverse continues its growth trajectory.


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