Now is the winter of our discontent. Web3 communities all over the  have been suffering slightly under the recent ravages of the bear. What is sorely needed right now is an opportunity to put the FUN back into non-fungible tokens. 

Up to this plate steps Intraverse, an open, interoperable metaverse that acts as a content and community engagement platform for aspiring web3 projects. Whether Saturnalia for the Romans, Yalda for the Persians, Christmas for the Christians, (or New Year for everyone) – winter has always been the time to throw a huge party – and Intraverse is doing exactly the same for web3.

The Intraverse NFT Winter Fest (16th-17th December) will be a light-hearted, fast-paced, festive-theme extravaganza where participants can win NFTs from all their favourite projects right across the ecosystem. 

Excitement Builds for Winter Fest 2022

Backed by Polygon, the event will act as a perfect meeting place for disparate NFT communities to come together and get to know one another. Intraverse already saw tremendous success with their NFT Summer Fest, and the Winter Fest promises to be even bigger, with even more prizes available and more web3 communities involved.

The goal of NFT Winter Fest is to engage, promote, connect, and strengthen these NFT communities through collaboration and shared endeavours, and chance for members of these communities to have a bit of fun as the winter, both real and economic, draws in. 

Top NFT Projects Join the Fun

Many projects have already signed up and confirmed their participation in the upcoming festivities. This includes heavy hitters in the NFT space like MetaOps, a tactical FPS built on Solana, Catheon, a gaming hub for digital assets, and Freename, a web3 domain provider using NFTs.

These three are not the only communities who are turning up for the celebrations. Other projects include Serum Labs, Gym Ratz Fitness, SMATh World, W3W, proud Lions Club, TAS 2.0, Rugdollz, Star Wolvez, Bubble, Noku, Deluxe Goat, Go Human, Fyat Lux and many more still to be announced. The teams, and their communities, will pile into the Intraverse Discord to meet, chat, and play, forging powerful connections cross-community and, in some cases, cross-blockchain.

And why will everyone be there? Well, prizes! $50,000 of NFTs are up for grabs for attendees to the event. The NFT prizes will be scattered around in treasure chests dispersed throughout the Intraverse metaverse, and players will have to scramble as fast as they can against other players to find the chests and win the NFTs for themselves!  The action is fun, fast, and a fabulous display of Intraverse’s underlying technology, with players able to wear the NFTs they win as skins within the Intraverse game engine.

What Is Intraverse?

Intraverse is an open metaverse where NFT projects and creators can collaborate to bring their assets into this new virtual space. Intraverse is an entire world, built by the community, where creative freedom reigns and endeavour is rewarded.

Intraverse lets creators launch their games and associated assets on the platform and lets users play, for free, to earn those assets as they explore, playtest, and establish the first green shoots of a gaming community. The intraverse is free to play, and players earn by collecting in-game NFTs that can be sold on the open market.

Using Intraverse’s tech, users can play with their assets and show them off to other users whether as part of an event like the NFT Winter Fest 2022, or within one of Intraverse’s collection of games. The goal is to create a place for NFT projects and their communities to show off their offering and provide visibility and growth by working together with other projects.

In the future, once a project has converted their NFT to an Intraverse Avatar, that Avatar can then be made interoperable with other metaverse’s by using the Intraverse login and wallet. Intraverse will act as a forge for NFT projects to bridge their designs, communities and ideas into the fully-realised virtual worlds of the future, and create value for everyone along the way as they do so. 

Backed by Polygon through their grant program, Intraverse is building the next-generation metaverse the way it is supposed to be built – with an open-access, player first, project centred approach. 

Enter the Intraverse at NFT Winter Fest 2022

The Festival is open to the public on Intraverse website on the 16th December at 18:00 CET. A lucky few will be allowed in early though the Early Access Pass, which Intraverse are giving away through a series of events on their Discord, which you can join to be a part of.

The NFT Winter Fest is another example of Intraverse living up to their mission statement and even creating opportunities even for non-fluent users of crypto to get involved. You can follow the latest updates about the party on the Intraverse Twitter. 

This winter, get ready to dive into a whole new world, meet thousands of like minded web3 enthusiasts  and, who knows, maybe win some of the hottest NFTs on the market for yourself, at the NFT Winter Fest 2022 hosted by Intraverse.


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