Nepal has never been a friend of cryptocurrency and is not likely to become one in the near future. The Nepal government has again ordered internet service providers (IPS) to block access to crypto websites and mobile applications.

In a recent notice, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), re-emphasized the 2022 ban and asked ISP’s to block the access to crypto websites and mobile applications.

“Knowing that: the transaction of Virtual Currency, which is not recognized as monetary asset, and network marketing is growing these days,” NTA ordered “all internet (including e-mail) service providers to make crypto and mobile apps inaccessible.”

Reiteration Continues

The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) issued its first notice in August 2017 to inform the general public that Bitcoin is completely illegal in Nepal. However, that notice was quite incomplete as the NRB, only mentioned Bitcoin, and there was no clear picture created as to whether trading Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies is legal or not.

The discussion about crypto had been dormant for several years. Since last year, Nepal has issued several notices to remind people that cryptocurrency is illegal in Nepal. On 9th September, 2021 NRB again issued a notice to remind the public that “trading and mining of cryptocurrency is illegal.”

On 23rd January, 2022, the NRB issued another notice to remind the public once more that trading in cryptocurrency and network marketing are prohibited in Nepal.

It is unclear what the Nepalese government defines as “crypto apps”. Are exchanges banned? Is a website reporting news on cryptocurrency also a “crypto website”? The notice does not mention other types of virtual dollars, like those used in-game in virtual worlds.

In this manner, the latest notice sounds like a continuation of the previous reiteration of some sort of crypto ban, meanwhile the adoption rate is growing in Nepal.

Mass Adoption despite ban

Nepal is ranked 16th in “The 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index,” ahead of the United Kingdom and Indonesia. Since January 2021, several people have been arrested for being involved in cryptocurrency trading in Nepal, which shows that despite the ban, a higher number of people, especially youths, are getting involved.

According to report from Singapore-based fintech company Triple-a, 791,782 Nepalese own cryptocurrency – 2.65% of its population.

Going to struggle?

The fact that the Nepalese government has had to reiterate that it is illegal indicates the difficulty in preventing people from using it. The country, like China, is also facing challenges in trying to ban and stop people from accessing the crypto world. It would be even more challenging for Nepal to completely prevent people from accessing the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency is prohibited in Nepal due to a lack of understanding about the digital currency. It is often perceived as a way to get rich quickly, or mistaken for a Ponzi scheme in which investors lose their savings.

“Will I be in trouble for owning crypto when I come to Nepal?” a user asked on Reddit.

This article is originally from MetaNews.


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