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NFTify is excited to announce that its NFTify AI Services demo is live. NFT creators, marketers, buyers and sellers can now search for fakes, duplicates and inappropriate content using the NFTify app.

Known as the Shopify of NFTs, NFTify allows small businesses to create permissionless online NFT stores with zero coding and low fees.

Fighting NFT Fakes and Duplicates

NFTify AI Services is the NFT market’s first artificial intelligence-driven search engine for protecting the value of digital asset IP. Those with interest in NFTs can research diverse NFT attributes from fakes and duplicates to obscene content to protect their intellectual property and lower trade risks.

From the art to the sports world, collectibles markets have experienced a decline in value over the last decade owing to a sharp rise in forgeries. The sports card market has faced a rise in common frauds including cards altered to falsify grades, fake autographs, and many more. The art market is also significantly devalued by forgeries, estimated to represent one-third of art works in circulation. By providing a way to research NFT copyright and unique attributes, NFTify is providing a new level of content protection.

NFTify Protecting and Restoring Value in Digital Assets

NFTs are restoring value to digital collectibles by creating unique traceable cryptographic assets registered on the transparent digital ledger, but they do not completely eliminate copyright risk. Similarity in content can be both intentional and unintentional. Other content risks such as that deemed to be of an inappropriate sexual or political nature also create risks for digital content providers, from Facebook to Twitter.

NFTify AI Services reduce intellectual property and related risks by helping users detect:

  • fakes, duplicates or similar tokens, thereby enhancing copyright protection
  • inappropriate NFT content — for example sexual, suggestive, obscene, or violent content.
  • NFT content for automatic tag suggestion

Anyone can experience this powerful AI search engine for NFT-backed digital content through the live demo on the NFTify app.

The AI Services demo can be accessed on the app here.


NFTify was created to provide a place to build an influential NFT market and brand. We have built the Shopify of NFTs, with a difference. At NFTify, NFT stores operate at the convergence of the next-gen blockchain and Web 3.

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