Multi-platform web browser Opera is planning to incorporate AI chatbot ChatGPT into its products, according to a report by CNBC. 

Arguably the most advanced AI chatbot currently available, ChatGPT has already set a new trend in search having reached 100 million users just two months after launching.

Opera’s parent company Kunlun Tech announced the plan for this new incorporation, but no details were shared on timing or whether the function would be available across all of Opera’s products. Opera is currently available in mobile browsers for iOS and Android, including desktop.

Following Tech Giants

Following announcements from Microsoft and Google about incorporating AI chatbot technology into their virtual assistants, Opera has revealed its own plans for implementing similar technology. In addition, Alibaba and Baidu are working on a comparable project to ChatGPT generated by American tech firm OpenAI.

Opera currently accounts for 2.4% of the internet browser market share and is ranked 6th, per Statcounter. Google’s Chrome holds a commanding lead with a 65.4% market share. In the third quarter of 2022, Opera had an average of 321 million monthly users, and its gaming browser division played a significant role in driving revenue growth. Indeed, the company reported a 28% year-over-year increase in revenue to reach $85.3 million.

In December, Kunlun Tech announced that its work in AI-generated content, including music and images, would be made available as open-source, with CEO Fang Han remarking that the company “firmly believed that open source is the soil and an important force to promote the development of the AIGC (AI-generated content) ecosystem.”

Chatbot Craze Spikes Share Price

The share price of Kunlun Tech has risen by over 40% this year, whereas Norway-based and Nasdaq-listed Opera just saw 10% growth for the same time period.

Tech companies from all over the world are flocking to ChatGPT-like projects, and many announcing such plans are seeing their share prices rise.

Chinese search giant Baidu said it will likely complete internal testing for its own AI chatbot called “Ernie Bot” and launch it next month. The impact on share prices has become a recent trend, with Google’s parent company Alphabet losing around $100 billion on Wednesday after its new AI-powered chatbot “Bard” provided an incorrect response during a promotional event.

Following the event, Alphabet shares fell by about 9% to $99.37, and the market cap dropped to $1.27 trillion from the $1.35 trillion recorded in the previous week as of February 9.

Although it is unknown how ChatGPT will be integrated into Opera and its products, the company’s browser suite is a possible and perhaps likely option.

This article is originally from MetaNews.


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