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The second iteration of Pillar’s flagship crypto wallet is launching in a period of stellar growth for the wider cryptocurrency industry as crypto assets across the board see their valuations soar. In turn, crypto wallet providers like Pillar are attempting to keep pace with demand, as more and more investors, traders and crypto-enthusiasts search for secure and accessible storage for their newly-obtained assets.

The V2 of Pillar’s multichain wallet – which for the first-time will be community governed – aims to provide a user-friendly and safe option for these crypto-enthusiasts, as well as an inexpensive alternative to the more mainstream and established options. Indeed, V2’s new features and services are tailored to crypto newbies and natives alike, including:

  • Community DAO – Pillar (PLR) token holders govern the product roadmap, fund initiatives; manage the treasury of 100M PLR tokens; and get rewarded for their contributions.
  • Low fees and faster transaction speeds – users can connect to dApps available on side chains and Layer 2 networks and pay 99 percent lower fees compared to Ethereum.
  • Cross-portfolio management – one wallet, one address, and one dashboard to manage crypto assets across networks for a unified multi-chain experience.
  • In-app Curated insights – wallet users can access industry news, trends and educational materials directly within the app (via Pillar Stories).
  • Decentralized and secure – smart contract-based wallets offer enhanced security and are recoverable

Pillar’s founders are holding a webinar launch event called “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” on June 30th at 6pm CET to show attendees how the V2 multichain wallet can guide them on their crypto journeys.

CEO of Pillar, Michael Messele says:

“Pillar aims to play a vital role in bringing DeFi to a mainstream audience with this release. The V2 launch brings together the expertise we’ve gained from building and scaling smart wallet solutions in the decentralized space over the past three years with exceptional UX/UI.”

CCO of Pillar, Aldin Ademović said,

“Ethereum remains the industry leader for innovation and liquidity, and Pillar V2 will guide users there, but with more intent and purpose by educating them on the basic characteristics of EVM-compatible chains and the benefits of smart contract wallets.”

The updated WalletConnect feature will have automatic network switching to connect users to chains like xDAI, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Ademović continued:

“Pillar’s native SDK, Etherspot, powers the multichain aspect of the V2 smart wallet, making the entire experience seamless for users. Plus developers can leverage the technology for broader adoption in the DeFi space.”

Pillar partner Ramp Network  makes in-app fiat purchases possible on EVM-chains, reducing purchase fees by 80 percent. Data-driven analytics will be provided by partner Novum Insights, a market intelligence company based in London.

Pillar’s webinar launch event, “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” takes place on June 30th at 6pm CET! Speakers include Pillar CEO Michael Messele and CCO Aldin Ademović, together with industry leaders and partners including AAVE’s Integration Lead, Mark Zeller, Polygon’s VP Growth, Arjun Kalsy and 1inch’s Co-Founder, Anton Bukov.

Click here to register for the webinar.

About Pillar

Pillar is an open-source project and community-run crypto wallet that makes DeFi markets accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate.

It’s the first multichain DeFi wallet to be governed by users: PLR token holders can join the community DAO and take part in product development, project roadmapping, partnerships, funding marketing initiatives, and more.

Powered by its native Etherspot, Pillar’s crypto wallet caters to users of Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, and puts community first by empowering users with information.

Pillar V2 launches today with many exciting new features and benefits and users are encouraged to download V2 and join our Discord community. Download Pillar for Android or iPhone today!

To learn more about how Pillar plans to create a seamless DeFi experience for users, and to sign up for the webinar, visit the website here. Follow Pillar on Twitter. Read Pillar documentation on GitHub. Download Pillar’s app for iOS and Android here.

Disclaimer PILLAR is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 


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