QANplatform can be seen as a bet against quantum supremacy, which would instantly render everything from SSL to SHA-256 blockchains.

Binance Smart Chain has gained another well-established crypto project following the integration of QANplatform. The quantum-resistant blockchain recently completed a $700K raise on BSC via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and has been trending on Dextools in the days since.

The prospect of a blockchain that can’t be cracked by advances in quantum computing has resonated with investors who are seeking a better BTC, not just from a computational standpoint, but from an environmental one too. On June 2, QANplatform completed its IDO on BSCPad, the preeminent launchpad for projects on BSC. Simultaneously, a similar fundraiser was completed on Samurai by CyberFi and TrustPad.

Amazon-Friendly Blockchain Deployment

While blockchain purists might bemoan the amount of nodes running on centralized services like AWS, the reality is that cloud computing providers are a net good for the cryptoconomy, allowing anyone to spin up a node in minutes at a low cost from anywhere in the world. Moreover, tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have shown that they are not the enemies of blockchain: rather their tools support the distribution and thus decentralization of Proof of Stake crypto networks.

In addition to being quantum-computing resistant, QANplatform claims to be the fastest platform to be deployed to AWS, allowing anyone to get up and running in less than five minutes. This is ideal for enterprises and developers seeking exposure to a next-gen blockchain without getting their hands dirty and having to wrestle with the finer points of configuring their own self-hosted node.

The difficulty for original blockchains such as QANplatform has been that liquidity and users have tended to form around a handful of leading smart contract chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The solution has been to invoke the mantra that if Mohammed can’t go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mohammed. In other words, new smart contract chains can make gains by issuing a version of their native asset on BSC or ETH.

That’s exactly what QANplatform has done, making a wrapped version of the QAN token, known as QANX, available on PancakeSwap and Uniswap from June 2. It’s an arrangement that suits all parties, giving Ethereum and BSC users exposure to QANplatform without needing to install a new wallet and familiarize themselves with the workings of a new blockchain.

DEX Users Warm to QAN

QANplatform might not be a particularly snappy name for a blockchain, but if you can see past the awkward nomenclature, the tech warrants a closer look. Having become one of the top trending tokens on the Dextools versions of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain following its X-token launch, there’s evidently strong interest in the quantum-resistant blockchain.

QANplatform can be seen as a bet against quantum supremacy, which would instantly render everything from SSL to SHA-256 blockchains such as Bitcoin obsolete. While many believe this scenario is unlikely to materialize in the near future, should the worst happen, QANplatform will prosper as a blockchain network that can’t be easily overcome by quantum leaps in computing power.

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