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Do you know the divinatory tarot? These mysterious cards have distant origins and many grant them magical powers. But their power comes essentially from the way they are drawn and their interpretation.

By playing between the past, the present and the future, these cards are surrounded by many mysteries and this makes it conducive to the creation of stories, adventures… and quests.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by Non-Fungible Tokens, these stories can be exported around the world and connect different communities. Ideal for creating decentralized quests to solve as a community.

This is precisely what Parable NFT wants to do thanks to an innovative ecosystem combining cryptographic challenges, quests and other mysteries.


parable NFT emperor

Parable NFT is quite recent in the ecosystem but its influences come from three major art projects: CryptoPunks, Hashmasks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Different aspects have attracted attention behind the Parable NFT team:

  • Iconic art : the importance of a visual identity specific to each project made it possible to differentiate itself from the others
  • Community spirit : the community that is created around a project is one of the pillars of its success. It is thanks to her that the project can evolve and new ideas emerge
  • More than pictures : Many refer to NFTs as Jpegs. But they represent much more than that, each being unique and really belonging to its owner, Web3 now allows innovations that were impossible to achieve until recently .
  • Synergies : Even though the NFT community is fragmented into several small groups, it is one large family in the end. The synergies created between these different communities allow for a “network effect” that strengthens the individual groups as well as the collective whole.

It is with these values that Parable NFT decided to create its project with on the one hand a unique visual identity and on the other hand a little explored concept: puzzles and a treasure hunt.

NFT Treasure hunt

parable NFT fool

The first stage of this treasure hunt was launched on August 30, 2021 with the sale of the different cards where the different clues will be hidden to solve the puzzles. Although it was originally planned to have 42,000 cards, there will eventually be 21,000 cards that will be revealed on September 13.

It is announced that the puzzles will be particularly complicated and will therefore need to be carried out as a team with other players. For each puzzle solved, a community reward will be distributed among all Parable card holders.

This reward will be in the form of Parable Naming Tokens ($PNT) that allow you to rename your card to add a degree of rarity and personalization. But beyond the $PNT, there are other things to discover!

parable NFT warrior

For example, it is important to know that the most obvious clues will be apparent on the image (such as the features that compose it) but there will also be hidden ones that you will have to look elsewhere.

In addition, although some clues will be visible on the visual part of the image, thus increasing its rarity, some cards will contain more than that: NFTs hidden within NFTs.

There will be 7 puzzles to solve and the only way to send your answers to the puzzles will be directly through the smart contract. It will therefore be necessary to have a sharp eye and look at the visuals to find the more obvious clues, but also look in other elements to find the more obscure ones.


Parable NFT is really aimed at an audience that loves to take on challenges as a team to solve puzzles advertised as really hard, all in a theme still little explored with original visuals.

Treasure hunters belong to a determined and competitive community and that is why alliances will surely play a decisive role in this adventure. But one of the collaboration advantages of Parable NFT is a common reward for all participants.

Whether you are a lover of cryptographic puzzles or simply art collectors dedicated to the art of divinatory tarot, this project is for you!


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