Get the highest APY on stablecoins on the Ethereum network, with minimal gas fees and risk, using the nifty middle man called Spool.

In just a few clicks, you can put your discretionary income to work. The old days of locking up spare cash into a savings account (typically for next to no interest), are now far behind us. 

This DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocol is taking fix-yield interest to a whole new level. Through optimization and carefully assembled mathematics, Spool may very well be the best-kept secret in DeFi – but not for long.

How Does Spool Work? 

Spool has a wide variety of offerings that make it unique from the competition. Its biggest value proposition for users currently, is highly optimized interest rates on stablecoins, otherwise known as dollar-pegged crypto assets. 

Vetted Risk Models 

Spool is plugged into the most prominent yield generators such as Aave, Compound, and Harvest, to name but a few. The protocol works to find the best possible yield on the vault or the ‘Spool’ you’ve selected. These ‘Spools,’ which are currently live, have been created by the protocol’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and offer a higher or lower APY (Annual Percentage Yield) depending on your risk tolerance. The risk model takes an array of variables into account to build a risk score. 

Auto-Optimize Capital 

Spool automatically finds some of the highest yields on the market and will also relocate your funds to ensure they’re being used most efficiently. For example, if protocols like Aave or Curve are providing a higher yield than the other and both of the yield generators are within the risk strategy you’ve selected, Spool will automatically reallocate your funds to earn the higher APY.

Diversifying the yield generators within the ‘Spool’ you’ve selected, provides you with an auto-optimized and risk-managed portfolio with a single deposit, saving you hours of time and guesswork.

Optimize Ethereum Gas Fees 

Ethereum gas fees can be extremely high, even for a simple transaction. Spool limits gas fees by grouping multiple transactions together instead of instantly processing them, serving as an advantageous solution for those wishing to limit these costs. Spool is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution; with just one deposit you can obtain a fully auto-optimized portfolio basket, costing a mere fraction of a manually managed DeFi portfolio in gas fees. 

How to Get Involved?

The core focus around building Spool is delivering easy access to DeFi’s lucrative opportunities and providing auto-optimization and risk-adjusted solutions to leverage DeFi yields. 

The simple platform makes Spool very attractive for people with little to no exposure in using DeFi tools. However, individuals who are equipped with DeFi experience can also understand just how powerful this middleware is. Here’s a short guide to show you just how easy it is to access these yields.

Why this is a Diamond Hand Project?

The ‘Genesis Spools,’ which have been created per stablecoin offered on Spool and risk tolerance, offering the most competitive yield on Ethereum, is just the beginning for this gem.

Once you’ve generated yield (in both stablecoins and Spool’s native $SPOOL token) you can then generate additional yield by depositing your $SPOOL rewards into the protocol’s own staking pool. By staking $SPOOL, you accumulate $voSPOOL, the protocol’s governance token. $voSPOOL gives you voting power around the decision-making for the Spool DAO. 

In the near future, DeFi projects, influencers, firms, or literally anyone will be able to create their own ‘Spools’ and apply custom strategies to them. They can select which yield generators they want to plug into the Spool and the risk vs. return using a simple slider. An incentive to create these Spools, is that the creator can then gain a performance fee on the Spool they’ve created – should someone use the strategy, the performance fee can even be set to the creator’s preference. 

“Spool has the potential to be the core to an ecosystem of DeFi products that can leverage its power and composability to build upon. The SPOOL token has a central role in this mission and, since the DAO will control both the token emission amounts and the direction of the emission, future $SPOOL will become a scarce and sought-after good controlled by voSPOOL holders.” – Phip Zimmerer Lead Builder at

With 70 million TVR (Total Value Routed) already staked, join the hundreds of individuals getting some of the most competitive yields on stablecoins using Spool, and follow their ever-growing community on Discord


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