StarkWare LTD, the corporate behind the L2 privateness options zkSTARKS and StarkEx, has introduced a Turing full platform referred to as Cairo.


Cairo is the “first production-grade platform for producing STARK proofs for normal computation”. Every little thing from their Reddit Bake-off submission to their upcoming deployments of DeversiFi, Immutable, and dYdX, all is written in Cairo.

The Nice Reddit Scaling Bake-off was the primary time when StarkWare deployed Cairo with upcoming deployments together with:

Since every associate of StarkWare has completely different computation wants, Starkware created a versatile swiss military knife platform within the type of Cairo. Cairo stands for CPU Algebraic Intermediate Illustration (AIR) and features a single AIR that verifies the instruction set of this “CPU”.

Cairo comes with a single AIR that may confirm any Cairo program. The Cairo AIR verifies the computational integrity and the correctness of the post-execution state of the system. With Cairo, new enterprise logic doesn’t require a brand new sensible contract. It solely requires a unique Cairo program.

Cairo packages are written in an assembly-like programming language (referred to as, Cairo as nicely) with options like reminiscence, perform calls, recursion, and branching situations. The staff has created highly effective growth instruments together with a compiler from the Cairo language to Cairo byte code, a digital machine that simulates Cairo executions, a debugger, IDE integration, and the only Verifier sensible contract written in Solidity.

Cairo’s AIR is comparatively easy, which results in effectivity and low amortized prices, for each the on-chain Verifier and the off-chain proving service. It additionally results in elevated safety, as a result of auditing a single easy AIR is safer than auditing a number of difficult application-specific AIRs.

The staff plans to launch new generations of Cairo continuously. These will supply enhanced performance, higher efficiency, and highly effective optimizations. At present, the staff is “dog-fooding” Cairo and bettering it on a weekly foundation with the assistance of their companions”.

We’ll be retaining an in depth eye on Cairo. You are able to do the identical by following Starware on Twitter.


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