Recently, the DeFi star project, GIBXSwap, has released an audit report on the smart contract technology code. CertiK, the world’s leading blockchain security audit organization, has participated in this code audit.

CertiK relies on dynamic analysis, static analysis, and manual review to find potential security risks and possible production vulnerabilities and conducted a comprehensive review of GIBXSwap.

CertiK tested, analyzed, and inferred the structure, implementation, and general best practices of GIBXSwap’s smart contract technology code.

The CertiK team analyzed the entire code base based on the system, and then initiated the overall audit process, and strictly followed the high standardization requirements throughout the process.

During the audit process, CertiK used dynamic analysis, static analysis, and manual review techniques to inspect the project agreement thoroughly. Special attention was paid to the following items during the audit:

1. Test all common and rare attack vectors against smart contracts

2. Assess whether the code base meets current best practices and industry standards

3. Ensure that the logic of the contract conforms to the design specification and design purpose

4. Refer to and compare similar structures established by the industry

5. Manual review of the entire code baseline by line

After the audit, CertiK once again confirmed that the technical code delivered by GIBXSwap is at a very high level of security and affirmed the initiative of GIBXSwap to perform security tests.

The GIBXSwap team has received CERTIK’s optimization suggestions, and these suggestions have been applied in the process of improving the codebase.

GIBXSwap is committed to being the best-decentralized trading platform on the market, focusing on mainstream cryptocurrencies.

The newly launched GIBXSwap will also open liquidity mining, single currency mining, transaction mining, asset cross-chain functions, and the board of directors’ mechanism implementation.

After the launch of GIBXSwap, the multi-chain DEX model will be implemented. After the Binance Smart Chain, the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO) and Ethereum will be deployed, integrating the Huobi Ecological Chain and Binance Smart Chain with low transaction fees and ether.

The advantage of the prosperity of the Fang ecosystem is to support the “dual mining mechanism” of liquid mining and transaction mining, which will enable it to achieve the maximum drainage effect and high-quality user experience.

At the same time, it will promote the advantages of low slippage, high speed, safe funds, and optimal prices to seize the market quickly.

CERTIK, a US blockchain security audit company, has received millions of dollars in investment from Binance Labs.

Established by scientific research teams from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research results, it provides code security audit services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through “deeply standardized” formal verification technology.

It also uses formal verification technology to provide the highest code security solutions for smart contracts and blockchain applications and protocols. It has done security audits for well-known projects such as Binance.

GIBXSwap attaches great importance to blockchain security protection. While strengthening the security of the project itself, it has introduced CertiK to entrust it to conduct security code audits on smart contracts to escort the smooth operation of the project.

GIBXSwap is committed to eliminating security risks in every link.

Their goal is to become the benchmark of the DEX platform. They hope to become the leading DEX platform in the token exchange market and provide real value and fairness for decentralized finance through high-quality products and services. Fair and innovative.


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