Trading cryptocurrencies has become more popular, as platforms that help simplify this task have also increased in number. Each platform offers different features to its users. Their functionality is therefore different. These three are some of the common platforms created to offer trading tools to their users;


Kattana has been running privately on CeFi for a few years now, providing viable top-notch trading tools that have helped traders trade in effective ways. After gaining loyal traders who have shaped the platform, it has now joined the crypto space to help new players join in and trade using these winning strategies in the DEX environment.

Through this platform, traders can trade in real-time using more than 40 DEXs and all available trading pairs, use the available advanced order types and highest quality charts, with access to a command center that was previously out of the price range of most people. The platform provides users with exclusive and specific information about the projects and assets they have selected so they can be informed about changes that can affect their trading strategies. Therefore, each user has specifically tailored information and not generic information about all crypto projects.

The platform will calculate all P&L of a user’s transactions, generate a profitability chart and structure these transactions as trade. This will analyze all ERC20 addresses so that traders can have an easier time making decisions.

The trading functionality available on Kattana is like no other in the currently available exchanges. The tools provided can be used by both newbies and top pros. Therefore, all traders are able to understand the trading strategies on this platform and be able to profit from them.

Kattana is currently holding its IDO on Polkastarter which will end on Apr. 10. There are 200,000 $KTN tokens for sale each at $1. The personal cap is $400 worth of ETH. This launch is an opportunity for investors and users of the platform to hold and trade with the token, and enjoy these benefits that the platform will offer. As the world’s first desktop-based terminal for trading blockchain assets, the platform has attracted many investors and curiosity, with many users anxious to try the innovative features on offer.


Dextools provides users with real-data analysis by allowing them to create unique trading strategies, anticipate and catch market dumps, discover big spreads on trading pairs and follow and copy biggest gainer wallets. The Dextools trading software can be easily accessed from any browser and device. Users have the option of accessing free, standard and premium versions. Each version offers different features, with the basic including bigswap explorer, multiswap windows, pool explorer, real-time data and chart and pair explorer.

The standard version charges $150 in DEXT per month while the users who hold 100,000 DEXT in their ERC20 wallet at the time of sign in and login can access the premium version.

The pool explorer lets users follow the liquidity movements and formation of new pools on DEXs while pair explorer lets them check charts and transactions of a token. One of the unique features of this platform is the token catch, which allows users to profit from market dumps. It notifies users in real-time when someone deposits a token to the exchange and shows the price drop in percentage if the amount will be sold. Additionally, the feature shows the best buy price so that users can know where to buy orders before they dip.

The multiswap feature opens up many DEX portals to allow users speed up their trading response time. Users can also track whales, big transactions, and their favorite trader’s wallets helping them formulate trading strategies

Dextools is focused on providing reliable and real-time quality data, with a strong focus on its community. Therefore, part of its development is based on community feedback and suggestions.


Unitrade is an exceptional DeFi app for trading, staking, farming and launching of IDOs. It is focused on embracing all DeFi on multiple blockchains so as to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings.

Unitrade is about the automation of trades whereby users are able to set limit and stop loss orders for almost all ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. The feature is audited and fully secure without the need for users to create an account or fill KYC forms. The platform has streamlined the process of farming rewards by making it possible for users to start earning more with a breakdown of current APY percentages and expected returns.

Unitrade rewards holders of its native token $TRADE with ETH and BNB through the fees collected on various platform offerings. This feature allows holders to benefit without staking or farming on the platform. Unitrade is also offering an IDO Launchpad that will issue highly vetted and top quality upcoming crypto projects. Users of the platform can get in on these projects early and stand to benefit in future.

This platform is committed to making it fun and enjoyable for its users by providing them with opportunities to win daily and weekly drawings. The TRADE lottery allows holders who buy tickets to win in ETH or BNB when two or more of their ticket numbers match. The platform is all rounded, allowing users to benefit from its products for trading, staking and farming, while enjoying other quality features such as the Launchpad and exchange.

The platform that allows users to utilize the two largest decentralized exchanges on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain; Uniswap and Pancakeswap, has grown over 2,000% in the last year, with over $13 billion of locked assets.


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