OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot backed by Microsoft, has been banned from a university campus in Bengaluru, Livemint reported. ChatGPT has gained surprising popularity in a short period of time since its November launch and is facing a slew of restrictions, particularly in the academic sector because it has become a cheating partner for students.

Bengaluru’s RV University became the latest institution to ban OpenAI’s brainchild to avoid its misuse by students. If an assignment submitted by the student is found to be doubtful by the university, they will ask students to redo it on campus, the report says.

Not Only ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not the only AI tool to be banned, as the lineup also includes Github Co-Pilot and Black Box on the restricted list.

“We have issued an advisory to all departments in the university and banned a few AI tools like ChatGPT as students might use them in exams or to complete their assignments. The ban is already implemented,” said an official.

ChatGPT and other AI tools has been restricted in universities all over the world, and France’s top university, Sciences Po, has also banned it. All the students and faculty have already been informed through email.

“Without transparent referencing, students are forbidden to use the software for the production of any written work or presentations, except for specific course purposes, with the supervision of a course leader,” stated Sciences Po without specifying how the use would be tracked.

Teachers globally raising concerns over the rampant misuse of AI bots for cheating.

Ban in New York and Seattle too

ChatGPT was banned in schools in New York and Seattle more than a month ago, when the AI chatbot was only a month old.

New York City school students and teachers could no longer have accessed ChatGPT using devices owned by the Department of Education.

“Due to concerns about negative impacts on student learning, and concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of content, access to ChatGPT is restricted on New York City Public Schools’ networks and devices,” said Jenna Lyle, spokesperson of Department of Education.

ChatGPT has become popular among college students since its launch in November, being used for various tasks such as homework and assignment preparation. It has made headlines and become a new best friend for students.

30% of College Students Use ChatGPT

A survey conducted by among 1,000 current U.S. college students revealed that nearly one-third of respondents admitted to using ChatGPT to cheat on their schoolwork.

Of those, 60% reported using the AI chatbot to complete over half of their assignments. Despite recognizing the use of ChatGPT as cheating, many students still use the tool for their coursework.

“When asked if they were familiar with ChatGPT before the start of this survey, 46% of respondents said that they knew of ChatGPT previously while 54% did not. Of the 46% who said they were familiar with ChatGPT, 64% (30% of the total sample) say they have used it to help them complete a written assignment,” stated a report by

Of the group of students who use ChatGPT, it is estimated that 60% use the tool for more than half of their total written assignments.

The chatbot is expanding its sector to reach more users every day while also facing more restrictions.

This article is originally from MetaNews.


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