Waves Labs, a US-based growth engine for the Waves blockchain, has published its plans to continue accelerating the recent Waves momentum and establish the chain as a premier player in the US crypto space.

The roadmap details a set of ambitious goals that, if achieved, would solidify Waves as a market leader. Headline targets include growing the monthly active users (MAU) to 5 million and achieving a $10 billion TVL by year end. It also outlines how the Waves Ecosystem fund will be used to advance these goals, and how the WAVES token will be listed on all top US exchanges.

New Dream, New Team

Alongside the roadmap publication is announcement of a new, storied team that will run Waves Labs and increase the presence of the Waves blockchain in the US crypto space. Despite the huge growth Waves has seen in the first quarter of 2022, the chain is still a relative unknown in the US crypto industry, a fact that Waves Labs is setting out to change this year.

The new additions include Aleks Rubin as Head of US operations, Coleman Maher as Head of Ecosystem, Jack Booth as Marketing Lead, and Tiffany Phan as V.P of Finance and Operations. Aleks Rubin had this to say:

“I am excited to lead this dynamic team as we expand visibility and enhance the utilisation of the Waves protocol in the North American market.”

Funding the Future

Crucial to the achievement of the targets will be the deployment of the Waves Ecosystem fund. The fund will be used to support and develop the brightest lights in blockchain engineering so that they can create high-value protocols on the Waves blockchain. It aims to support at least 20 different projects on the chain. 

The fund will also be used to create new incentive structures and boosted rewards that help committed capital get the returns it needs to support Waves going forward, as well as financing a slew of hackathons to whet developer’s appetite for what Waves can do.

The U.S company Waves Labs will also be present at every major industry conference in the US, and launch marketing campaigns that speak to the Web3 audience and expose the possibilities of the Waves blockchain to an American audience. 

Making Waves

Sasha Ivanov, the founder of Waves, had this to say:

“Waves Labs is a key component of the Waves plan to grow exponentially in 2022. Despite a period of record growth of our ecosystem, Waves still remains relatively unknown in the U.S. crypto space. With the founding of Waves Labs, the ecosystem fund, and the extremely talented team in place, I do not doubt that Waves will reach mass adoption in 2022 and beyond.”

Throughout 2022, Waves Labs will do important work in raising awareness of Waves in the US market, easily the most influential market in the crypto space. With new talent, additional funding, and a technical roadmap that leads the pack, one can expect Waves to break upon the shores of the American market in a way that will only accelerate its ascent to the forefront of the Web3 world.


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