In this current DeFi epoch, there are a thousand different ways to earn yield, but all of them have the same underlying principle—you usually have to lend, stake or lock up your tokens in one form or another. This is a clear incentive for money to be used as a speculative tool of investment, and not as a medium of exchange affecting daily lives. To achieve cryptocurrency’s goal of real-world adoption, more people have to start using their tokens in day-to-day activities.

Now, what if there was a protocol that inverted the existing concept of yield and randomly rewarded users for utilization of their money? 

What if every time you made a swap, transfer or purchase, your wallet balance increased? 

Enter Fluidity Money. Now, when you swap or transact with your tokens, both you and the receiver stand a chance to win possibly life-changing yields. 

Let us dive a little deeper into Fluidity, which recently launched on the mainnet.

What is Fluidity Money?

Currently, when you use a stablecoin like USDC for payment purposes, it is a zero-sum game. You lose your USDC plus whatever additional expenses you incur in the form of gas fees. Fluidity Money wants to change this concept by operating as an incentive layer that rewards utility.

To achieve this, Fluidity issues wrapped tokens linked 1:1 to their original assets. In other words, if you deposit 100 USDC in Fluidity, you will receive 100 fUSDC. Every transaction with a fluid asset—be it purchasing NFTs, investing in a DeFi protocol or playing your favorite P2E game—lands you a chance to earn dividends. 

And, most importantly, the rewards can range anywhere between 1 cent to $1 million! 

Some important points to keep in mind:

  • You can, at any point in time, redeem your principal with your fluid assets.
  • Around 50%-70% of your transactions will be yield-bearing.
  • The rewards will be split between the fluid asset sender (who gets 80% of the reward) and the receiver (who gets 20%).

Here is how a transaction utilizing Fluidity works. 

  • Say you wish to transfer 500 DAI to a friend’s wallet. You can deposit the tokens on Fluidity, which will return the wrapped version of the asset—500 fDAI. 
  • Fluidity moves your 500 DAI to a lending platform like Compound, and the yield from Compound is shifted to a reward pool and distributed to users via the novel Transfer Reward Function (TRF).
  • As a user, when you perform any on-chain action with the fDAI, you put yourself and the receiver of the fluid asset in the running for dividends. 

The system is very user-friendly. Fluidify your assets, swap, purchase or transact, and voila! You don’t need to claim your dividends; your wallet automatically receives it. Press a button, wrap, send, and earn!

Novel aspects of Fluidity

  • As Fluidity randomly rewards you for transactions, an attacker might try to take advantage of the system by creating multiple accounts and sending transactions back and forth. But, Fluidity protects itself from such attacks by utilizing a novel Optimistic Solution that ensures that spammers always pay more in fees than they would potentially receive in payouts. You can read more about it here
  • The concept of Liquidity Mining (LM) is fundamentally flawed, and relying on mercenary yield farmers is not a sustainable way forward for any protocol. With Utility Mining, genuine users of the protocol can be rewarded with governance token rewards on top of the usual TRF rewards if they display ‘intended behaviors’. Other protocols can sign on to Utility Mining, and attract a high-quality user base that is incentivized to explore, interact, and engage with the platform. The Fluidity DAO will control the governance token emissions, and the DAO will decide which protocols receive more tokens. More info here.

Key investors and roadmap

Fluidity Money has announced a $1.3 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital. 

Fluidity launched its beta version on February 12. Around 50,000 users have already transacted and swapped with the beta. “The idea is to start with different DEXs like Uniswap, Saber, and Serum,” said co-founder and CEO Shahmeer Chaudhry. “The simple point is that people trade hundreds of millions of crypto every day. The plan is to move to NFT marketplaces, which have the highest crypto volumes. Every time a user buys or trades NFTs, why not maximize chances of earning a lot of money without extra charges,” Chaudhry said.


Nowadays, the crypto industry is experiencing hypergrowth, with a huge number of new innovations taking place almost every day. However, there is not much focus on incentivizing the

usage of tokens or reward engaged users and ensure fairness in distribution. Fluidity Money is looking to change all that. Now we have an incentive to use our crypto instead of just saving it.


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