Despite daily trading volumes in the hundreds of billions, cryptocurrency traders have often been forced to settle with non-satisfactory interfaces, lacking the many tools necessary for in-depth chart analysis and professional trading. The reasoning is fairly simple – most digital currency exchanges were created in a rush to bank on the emerging trend. As a result, while offering the order book and AMM-based functionalities required, shortcomings are prevalent. 

Cryptonovae Sets To Disrupt The Landscape Of  Professional Crypto Trading

First, as a trading software, Cryptonovae aggregates the world’s most prominent exchanges into a singular interface, facilitating seamless trading across CEX and DEX platforms. This symbiosis brings about increased efficiency and the ability to easily find preferred trading pairs, thereby opening the gates to arbitrage trading. Initially, Cryptonovae will integrate BitfinexKrakenUniswapBinance, and FTX, with more exchanges to be added continuously.

While other market participants have also attempted exchange integration, Cryptonovae’s value proposition comes with several key add-ons, crafting an immersive trading ecosystem. 

A Native Charting Engine to Set New Standards

No self-respecting traditional trader would choose to work without leveraging a powerful charting engine like MetaTrader4 or Tradingview. Nonetheless, cryptocurrency traders have little choice – after all, most exchanges deploy a similar yet rebranded iteration of the same charting engine. On the other hand, setting up MT4 or Tradingview is time-consuming and complex to many novice users, making the charting market ripe for opportunity.

Cryptonovae has engineered a renewed charting engine from the ground up, bringing together the many benefits held by the pioneers in the field but adapting them to the crypto market’s particularities whilst also integrating significant features destined to transform technical analysis from pain to pleasure. Some of the main features include support for multiple screens and timeframes and highly modular features that create the perfect setup. 

Reviewing The Trading Tools

From stop-loss functionalities on Automated Market Makes, to deploying limitless trading strategies, Cryptonovae is implementing key tools that will enhance trading for all. Bot-based algorithmic trading enthusiasts are also welcome, granted that Cryptonovae supports the deployment of automated strategies purchasable via the ecosystem’s marketplace.

Green candles are all the craze lately, but recent volatility has led to dips becoming more common. Thus, seamless profit-taking should no longer be difficult, especially when dealing with multiple exchanges. Hence, Cryptonovae’s interface provides over ten order types, one-click profit-taking across all integrated exchanges, as well as an emergency button, which instantly cancels all longs and shorts in light of unstable market moves.

After months of development, crypto traders are now welcome to try many of the aforementioned features. 

Joining The Cryptonovae Beta Testing Initiative

Cryptonovae knows that beta testers are a key part of building big things, so the beta testing initiative commenced. For now, testing entails using most functionalities of the commercial platform, with trading being enabled for Binance and Kraken. The program’s first iteration will also unlock spot, margin, and futures trading on Binance, whereas Kraken will only support spot trading initially.

Effective immediately, trading enthusiasts may apply to the beta program. 
To do so, simply: 

  1. Join the Discord server
  2. Fill the pre-registration form

There are four means of becoming eligible: 

  • Hold $YAE

$YAE is a core pillar of Cryptonovae’s value proposition; Ownership opens the doors to significant opportunity, as $YAE may be used to purchase trading algos via the built-in marketplace, but also to access Cryptonovae’s most exclusive features. Furthermore, holders are incentivized through staking initiatives, loyalty programs, and ongoing contests, with the tokenomics opting for a deflationary mechanism through regularly scheduled burns and token buybacks.

To access the beta testing program, users will have to hold 10K $YAE to access a single exchange or 15K $YAE for access to Binance and Kraken. 

  • Create A Binance Or Kraken Account Through The Affiliate Link

New traders may apply for the beta program by opening an account using Cryptonovae’s affiliate link – a simple approach to gain access. 

  • Be A Yield Farmer

Liquidity providers who hold at least $1,000 in LP tokens via Cryptonovae’s BSC and Ethereum-based pools can also apply to the program by linking their wallet address. 

  • Win The Beta Contest

Soon enough, Cryptonovae will announce the juicy deets to a one-of-a-kind beta access content.

At this point, only 300 spots will be open, so competition is tight! However, those who cannot join the initial beta-testing phase will have their addresses whitelisted, allowing them to participate in upcoming $YAE staking and framing programs. 
A beta tester’s responsibility is clear – use the software and report any issues found.


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