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When it comes to choosing which crypto-wallet to use so you can interact with the crypto ecosystem, it soon becomes easy to get lost. Indeed, each blockchain has one or more dedicated wallets to make transactions.

With NFTs, the choice is greatly reduced given the particularity of these tokens. The vast majority of users are accustomed to using Metamask for Ethereum but also the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Only here again, the user has to choose between several marketplaces, separated on several blockchains.

Fortunately, there are custodial solutions that allow you to centralize all these tools in one place. Introducing Venly, formerly Arkane Network, who have decided to focus on three specific services.

What is Venly ?

Venly Press Market

Established in 2018, Venly was previously called Arkane Network and has always identified itself as an agnostic blockchain technology provider. They have helped several large projects such as Aavegotchi, The Sandbox and Neon District to facilitate the onboarding of new users and develop blockchain and NFT solutions. In April 2021, Venly raised $2 million to scale their services.

Their mission is to make blockchain, and the adoption of NFTs accessible to as many people as possible. The first tool making it possible to achieve this is the Venly Wallet. After creating your account, you are given the opportunity to create your first wallet for several blockchains or sidechains: Polygon, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Avalanche among others.

venly wallet screenshot

Once your wallet is created, the first step before being able to use a decentralized application (dApp) is to authorize the wallet to interact with it. This feature not only allows you to find the dApps connected to the wallet at first glance but also lets you untie your wallet if necessary.

Although it’s possible to connect to Opensea with the Venly wallet, it is also possible to trade NFTs on the native Venly Market. The advantage of this marketplace is the possibility of finding collections from several blockchains and not only Ethereum or Polygon.

Venly market screenshot

Here again, a simple connection to your account allows you to directly use the wallets that have been created previously, according to the blockchain where the NFT lives.

Two types of collections are listed on this market, the first are verified and have a blue checkmark. The second are created by users who want to sell their digital works or more generally create their NFTs’ collections with the Venly Tools.

Venly NFT Tools, from Unity Plugin to Sending Batch NFTs.

Venly Wallet action aavegotchi

Venly Tools is a suite of tools for builders wishing to create collections that cover several fields of action. These tools have been designed primarily to help developers without having to worry about the complexity of the blockchain.

The first of these is designated for the world of video games and takes the form of a Unity plugin. By integrating this plugin into its project, it becomes possible to transform the various game’s items into a blockchain asset.

Venly NFT Minting

The tool that will probably interest artists the most is the NFT Minter. As its name suggests, it allows an interaction with NFTs that will be shown on the Venly marketplace.

A graphic interface is being developed to make it accessible to a wider audience but the documentation already provides everything that this API is capable of doing.Venly marketplace

To know the statistics and trends of the different NFTs collections, it is the NFT Analytics tool that will be essential. At the moment, the supported blockchains are Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche.

There is also the possibility to send NFTs directly by email or to several addresses at once. To be able to take advantage of it, however, it will be necessary to contact the team directly.

Conclusion : Venly and Shopify, a perfect match?

If there is one tool that would be a game changer for the NFT space, it would be the integration of Venly into Shopify. In addition to the visibility provided by one of the leaders in e-commerce, Venly will bring the necessary simplicity to allow the purchase and sale of NFT directly on the platform!

Indeed, by creating NFTs directly from Venly, it will be possible to sell them like any other product on Shopify. If the buyer does not have a wallet, it will be created automatically during the purchase and it will be enough just to create an account on Venly with the same email address provided during checkout.

Since their creation, Venly has sought to make blockchain more accessible to the general public. With its alliance with Shopify, the least we can say is that the mission to make NFT adoption even broader is on the right track with their more than 500,000 users


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